COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Eight – Staying Young Forever

“You are making me smile, Isabel. A woman is an inspiration, therefore she is timeless. But be relieved, I can recommend to you a face cream by Vichy.”

“Don’t make fun of me Ashton, like every woman I really want to know the ageless secrets of eternal beauty and youth!”

“Let us treat ourselves then, a coffee and a chocolate soufflé, to celebrate the eternal love between women and chocolate. You will wish to eat this every day. It’s very unhealthy, it shortens your life, but it tastes like heaven.

brown cake with strawberry on topSo you want to preserve your body till old age and be perfectly healthy and conditioned. There are of course some tricks, and I am starting to reveal them to you in random order.

Take for instance coffee. 

three person holding beverage cups

We know it is delicious, we know it is invigorating, we know life would be tasteless without it. But coffee has got some benefits for beauty as well. It is a super ingredient for skin products. You want to keep the grounds after you make espresso. Use 6 tbsp. of coffee grounds and 4 tbsp. of olive oil to rub in your skin, when you want to exfoliate. You can find a large variety of coffee face masks online. Applied to the thighs – it can help you get rid of cellulite. Used in cosmetic recipes, coffee is really an age eraser. One would expect this from coffee – it rejuvenates us every morning. Look at this cream, Isabel. Your cup of coffee is overflowing with my blessings!”

“It tastes miraculously well.”

“Life is a miracle, Isabel. Modern science is just beginning to fathom it. In 1786 average life expectancy was only 24 years. 100 years later (1886) it doubled to 48. Nowadays, we can expect a newborn to live about 76 years. Scientists expect this trend to continue, and if they are not wrong – humanity will need not die in the future. Immortality has slowly commenced to reveal itself. We have begun to understand aging. Anti-aging medicine is not about prolonging the last years of Life. It’s aimed at stretching out the middle years of a healthy individual, so that aging happens very late in life, say right before death. Scientists have discovered new anti-aging products.

“So what are the most important factors in anti-aging?”

First, there is eating naturally.

variety of foods on top of gray tableYou are what you eat, or at least your health depends a lot on what you eat. I, for instance, am a huge fan of pizza. It comes from the country where people eat their freshly baked bread with fragrant olive oil, the country which gave to the world the espresso, the macchiato, the cappuccino, the mocha and the latte. You guessed right, Isabel, that’s Italy. What do Italian people know about eating right? Researches show that their nation has got great longevity, thanks to the Mediterranean diet.

In the Italian village of Acciaroli more than 10% of the residents are over 100 years old and scientists are discussing that. They discovered that the elderly people have got unusually great blood circulation, then what is expected for their age. Except for the fish, chicken, olive oil and vegetables and fruit, the people also eat rosemary – which is thought to improve brain function. There’s one more thing to it, Isabel. Sexual activity among the elderly seems to be unbridled. So obviously that contributes to longevity as well, and it can’t be ignored.

In order to eat healthy make a shopping list of the choicest foods. You should aim to develop healthy eating habits as well. Let me list just a few:

Eat regularly, in small portions 5-7 times a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and several snacks.

Don’t eat without noticing the food – it’s called mindless eating – don’t do it. When the diet is wrong – medicine is of no use when the diet is right – medicine is of no need.

Eat slowly and relish in the tastes you are savoring.

Let water be your first choice of refreshing beverage.

Save some calories for something sweet. Think of calories as a daily budget. You can delight in a pancake in the morning, in case you are modest with food the rest of the day.

Strive to revive your metabolism, the declining of which is the first and foremost reason for aging.

Brush your teeth after meals, according to the Japanese this is a habit of people whose weight is at a healthy level.

Eat rich, seasonal food. Fill your plate with a rainbow of colors and enjoy the gourmet experience.

Eat fine chocolate daily.

a group of chocolate desserts

Excellence is a habit, Isabel.”

“How about rejuvenating exercises?”

“Work your body, Isabel. I know it is hard if you haven’t paid much attention to it but start with walking. A recent study shows that walking is also a brain exercise. It’s a wonderful way to let your mind wander. It is discovered that walking can improve your memory in old age. It is a great exercise and one of the easiest over long periods of time. It can reduce chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. Even a ten-minute walk will release in the body endorphins, which reduce stress, tension, and fatigue. Your daily goal should be 10000 steps – that’s enough to maintain your weight and hold back the sands of time.

If you ask a Shaolin Monk how to stay young, he will start with banishing thinking. Thinking takes energy. Then, avoid worrying or stress, do not overeat, do not be in a hurry, find the balance between movement and meditation.

If you ask an Ayurveda practitioner, he will tell you about the mineral known as “nectar of God” or Shilajit. It has been applied for longevity for thousands of years. In India, people believe that there is no curable disease that cannot be helped with the consumption of Shilajit.

Then we have access to a Greek recipe of an anti-aging cream from all-natural ingredients. It combines 1 tablespoon honey, 8 tablespoons grated bee wax, 200 ml almond oil and half a cup of rose water. Make a mixture of the ingredients and put it on a very low heat to melt the products. Let it cool, but not entirely, then add rose water drop by drop, while stirring. You may then pour it into a glass container, and after it has cooled completely – you may close it. You can use the resulting product to smooth wrinkles.

If the scientists are right in their predictions, the first person, who will live to their 150th birthday has already been born. Exactly how much lifespan will increase is a subject of a heated debate.

To date, the longest-living person that we know of lived to 122.

Every age, Isabel, has got its beauty. I am certain you will be as dear and fine when you are 84. Anti-aging to me is all about embracing timeless beauty.”

smiling woman


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