COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Six – Alternative Health

alternative health

“So, you never drink Ashton. That is a healthy choice.”

“Living healthy is something I am very well acquainted with – still I adore fast food. Let me take you for a pizza. Among the best informal places in the city is Nick’s Pizza. It works late hours. What are we going to discuss there?”

“Alternative Health.”

“All herbalists, Isabel, preach about the incredible qualities of plants and their application. Take for instance garlic. It is not known only for expelling vampires. It is considered ten times more powerful than penicillin and allegedly treats a number of diseases, including cancer. The oldest surviving prescription carved into a clay tablet and dating from 3000 BC is for garlic.”

“I once applied garlic on my scalp, for volume, repair, and luster of the hair. A month later, when I was at the hairdresser’s, the assistant asked me if I had smeared garlic on my head. I felt so humiliated. She admitted that really worked for our grandmas, but nowadays we have developed so much cosmetics for holistic body care, that it is almost criminal to treat your scalp with garlic, vinegar, and other superfoods.”

“Alternative health, Isabel, depends a lot on applying natural remedies to treat your condition. Herbs, essential oils, detoxing foods, handmade ailments, energy techniques, bubble baths, aromatherapy, aphrodisiacs, acupuncture, and homeopathy are according to alternative physicians, only some of the ways to improve proper health balance. They have recommendations about what you may eat or drink, or apply externally to deceive diseases and anxiety. Some alternative health practices seem plain weird.

It is a fact that in India, they are very widespread and popular. Thousands of Europeans visit the country to experience the alternative methods, that will help them relieve their souls and body. Tens of thousands of Hindus suffering from asthma crowd on the South Stadium of Hyderabad to swallow live sardines dipped into a yellow herbal paste. The eccentric formula was discovered by a Hindu saint about 170 years ago. “

“Ashton, what’s alternative medicine all about?”

“The basic argument of alternative medicinal practices is that nature works miracles on the human body. Mainstream medicine is modern, Western, conventional, orthodox and scientific – as opposed to alternative medicine which is ancient, Eastern, unconventional, traditional, natural and uses indigenous healing methods. Alternative medicine is an umbrella term for hundreds of therapies native to all over the world: Egyptian, Chinese, Ancient Indian, Greek and Native American. Its lore has been handed down over thousands of years orally and in writing. Its philosophy is based on the belief that a life force flows through and sustains every individual’s physique. There are seven major energy centers within the physical body.”

“The chakras?”

“Yes, Isabel, the chakras. They regulate our energy system and maintain the balance of health. Closely related to them is the concept of aura – the energy field of each individual. The energy which permeates us all is called Chi. Our wholeness is composed of the union of opposites – Ying and Yang. We have got five elements comprising our body: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – they work together for our benefit. Those are the basics of ancient Chinese medicine.“

“How about Ayurveda?”

“It is one of the oldest medical systems in the world, encompassing the balance of body, mind and spirit. Nowadays we observe a Renaissance of Ayurveda both in India and the West. The medicine influences our well-being by working on our habits of nutrition, usage of herbs, breathing, meditation and exercise, mostly Yoga.  Other health solutions involve massage, aromatherapy, music, and purification. In order to prescribe treatment, an Ayurveda doctor will first define your “dosha:” Vata (air), Pitta (fire), or Kapha (water.) His aim is to help regain the balance of the doshas. “

“I have heard that the original medicine is herbal medicine?”

“Herbal medicine is used by 80 percent of the population of the world. It uses plants for therapeutic solutions. Ancient people have used a vast number of plants for medicinal purposes. There are thousands of benefits of plants in the lore left to humanity from the wise doctors of the past. It is found, for instance, that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures most of the diseases.

Here’s a very peculiar recommendation of alternative medicine for you, Isabel. Sleep with an onion in your sock. The nervous system according to the ancient Chinese has got a complicated network of meridians, which lead to each part of the body. At the bottom of your feet, most meridians cross each other. Onions, on the other hand, have been acknowledged as excellent ways to detox the body. When you apply onions to the bottom of your feet:

  • Your sinuses clear
  • Your lungs recover
  • Your gut becomes healthier
  • Your mind is sharper
  • You lose weight
  • Your kidneys and liver work better

Incredible effects, aren’t they Isabel? And there are thousands of reasons why you should drink lemon juice and water early in the morning. I have never heard of pharmaceutical prescriptions so beloved among people.”
“I  have heard about pharmaceutical drugs that immediately destroy your health, Ashton. “

“There is a joke, Isabel that when you get ill, you have to go to the doctor, because he has got to survive. After he prescribes a recipe you have to go to the druggist and buy the medicine because the druggist also has got to survive. Afterwards, you should not drink the medicine, for you have got to survive, as well, darling. It is dangerous to get ill, nowadays Isa…”

“Is Alternative Health fiction or reality, Ashton?”

“That depends on your approach to it. The claim is that you can heal even cancer through meditation. Still, not everyone manages to do this, Isabel. I personally think the medicinal plants are worthy of your garden place. Edgar Kasey said: “Nobody is smart enough to not have something to learn from nature.” But you can’t treat terrible illnesses without the intervention of traditional medicine. You cannot depend on a miracle. However, I am certain, Isa, that joy and tenderness heal, and I can see them both in your eyes. Besides, dear Isa, according to recent researches sex adds years to your life.”


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  1. I can say nothing more but spread this knowledge to others! Great compilation on a very important topic. And you are completely right that love and sex are major force in being healthy and live the longest!

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