Dying From Jealousy


Lady F, I am dying from jealousy, what should I do?

When your crush innocently tosses in the conversation that he has “met someone,” isn’t that very cool?

The first thing you feel like doing is getting drunk, getting into a fight and paying for sex. Forget about the inner eruption, forget about the tears. He might be teasing you. Lovemaking is not necessarily over. Sooner or later you will engage in the next breathtaking flirt. Then why shed tears?

Don’t be dying from jealousy! Life is going to treat you right soon enough.

Eat the pancake you have started. Focus on good things in life. Complain yourself to an auld pal. Fix a date night for yourself.

Do not count your blessings in the relationship and cry your heart out…Be positive that you are deserving and your romantic efforts will be rewarded. Do not be an adversary to his happiness. Be the one, who holds his hand, while he is spilling secret after secret about how good it can get. Loving him!

Since he hates public displays of affection, avenge by writing about it in your blog, and telling about it to all your friends.

Honestly, I am not sure how you should act. I know the agony of jealousy by heart. Everything is good and suddenly your world is falling apart. You wouldn’t be jealous if he hadn’t been treating you right. This means you are lucky. Think about how unhappy other people are, who haven’t got a single person in the world to care for and be in love with.

You have the right to be jealous. But jealousy is not right. It feels like you want total control over somebody. You are not advised to die from it. Even Aphrodite, the immortal goddess was very jealous. Showing how you feel is right. You are totally perplexed and a single wish is haunting your heart.

There is a whole science of jealousy. It is an angry, agitated and anxious state, in which we:

  • Feel threatened that we could lose this person, who feels so right
  • Worry we are inferior, by comparing ourselves to his new flame
  • Experience the fear we will lose our precious relationship.

And all these can cause us to become oversensitive, possessive, heart rate and blood pressure rise and the stress hormone cortisol hits the ceiling. The only good thing it leads to is poor appetite.

Psychologists advise to let yourself feel jealous and give it time, but without taking action. Then release yourself from it by telling someone. Practice self-care, be good for you. Finally, know, that the person who really loves you will never leave your side come rain or come shine.

Often jealousy makes us act plain rude. Especially, when you feel you have lost it all.

Yes, jealousy is painful to proud people. And if you don’t die from it: here’s what you get:

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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  1. it ok but I a deep one because I always feel jealous for no reason . Sometimes I can see myself that I am shortening my life spans. HELP ME

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