22 Ideas for the Perfect Date

Cuddling in bed, pizza and a Disney marathon.

It’s cold outside, both of you are wearing long, knitted socks and your bodies are intertwined and warm under the covers. On a huge TV screen, the genius of Disney puts you in a spectacular romantic mood. You get to feed him pizza mouth to mouth. “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever…”


Forest bonfire, half-raw meat and red wine under a blanket.

This cave-man setting is for lovers who like it rough. He will get you in the mood by telling stories of scary deities, while hugging you close, and pulling you in his arms, kissing your extremely sensitive shoulders, till you ain’t sane no more. He will take you under the moonlight.


Sleeping in a hammock outside.

A hammock brings people very close together. To sleep into the hug of the man you truly love, to feel his breath and heartbeat – is that not the most romantic thing under the sun? His hug is heavenly, and the night breeze makes you press even harder to him.


Dinner at 7. Put this on and be ready till 6:30!

It’s great to have a sexy outfit, chosen by your Chosen One, especially with a little note on the bed for an upcoming dinner. Just how dizzy can it get? Will he allow you to place your feet into his lap, under the cover, while you are eating out in the neighborhood bistro? A dress is gifted only to be undressed for a special occasion…


Kite flying

Go twenty years back in your childhood, when your most honest dream was to actually possess not a man, but a kite. Now it’s time for celebration, for all your daring dreams have come true. You and your darling, having the time of your life playing like children and your souls fly with the kite, which is gently rocking side to side…


Cooking pasta together

What’s best than preparing noodles, and while you do it, you may abuse the fact that you have the kitchen all to your ardent selves. Making out on the counter, and spilling some sauce upon your lover is all part of the cooking adventure.


Go to another city and have a drink in each café

My honest wish is to do this in Paris. I am in love with small, intimate cafés, who serve great coffee with a croissant and for a woman who likes to chat, as I am, this is the perfect romantic setting. You may touch your hands under the table or publicly display affection…it’s all up to you, but make sure you come back to your hotel room fervent with attraction.



All people love animals. It’s a meditative pleasure to watch them even in an unnatural habitat, such as the zoo. Like kids, we admire the peacock when it opens and flashes his tail in the ritual of wooing. We tremble at the roar of the lion and can watch with hours how the monkeys clean the fur of their cat-friends from lice. All these darling scenes are great when shared with a loved one.


Hang out in the garden

Colors, smells, and the lovely sounds of birds and insects speak a language of their own. Your flame is the only one, who is able to translate them. He knows what the doves coo, and what the squirrels are up to when they jump around on the little branches. The entire nature is welcoming you, for parks love enamored people.


Visit an art gallery

Watch porcelain made in China with hours. Watch figurines and vases, and pictures, and statues, even photograph yourselves with them. Discuss how you feel about art, and what do you like best. Which of the goddess statues best reminds you naked? Stroll among ancient stuff and imagine what life was, long time ago, before you two got together. You can also visit an antique shop and buy some expensive furniture for your new home.


Make a photo session at the sea

Do not forget your blue summer scarf. Get yourself in a lovely mood. The camera must show your most flirty, genuine, smart and sexy side. Certainly, your appeal will rise with the enthusiasm of the photographer. The first few pictures may suck, don’t give up…you are a sea star, a mermaid. It can turn into the best adventure of your vacation at the sea.


Go to a live concert

Jump until you sweat all over. Cheer your favorite band until you are out of breath. Then take a shower together and duet under the shower, even if you can’t sing at all!


A festival

All kinds of events have become reasons for a festival, since the beginning of human history. There are festivals of arts, cinema, theater and literature, culinary festivals, folklore festivals to name only a few. It could be the beginning of a beautiful hobby for both of you and all your friends too! If you love the crowds, loud music and trying new stuff, or quality beer – you have got to honor the local festivals.


A carnival

Especially suitable is the annual carnival in Venice – with the beautiful masks and the weird wigs. “Give a person a mask – and he will give out all his secrets to you” – says Oscar Wilde, the King of Paradox. Masks, love, and laces – the carnival is a celebration of the imagination and art, and it attracts enamored people from around the world. Thumbs up – for experiencing this Renaissance tradition.


A dance class

Body to body, life to life. You know a dancer by his touch. When you breathe in the same rhythm and you are under the spell of heavenly music, the tips of your hair electrify. You feel connected in a profound way – there is hardly a more breathtaking activity or a sweeter way to tantalize your beloved.


A tea room

Sharing tea is sharing one of the amazing joys of life. At least once in my life, I want to try very expensive tea and share it with the loved one. It has got to be in an exotic setting – on an Oriental market, surrounded by parrots, monkeys, and spices like saffron, and cinnamon mmm all the lovely smells. You can have tea and muffins on your own terrace, early in the morning of a beautiful summer day. Tea makes the day a holiday.


An art class

Doodling and coloring together, drawing and painting each other can be more than fantastic, especially if one of you is convinced to pose naked, with a garland of roses around his neck, and …well, a fig leaf…if that should be enough…


The beach

Lie next to each other, cuddled and read a book. Preferably a Harlequin love novel, one you haven’t read before. The waves splashing at your feet, and the sun shining in the sky, the smell of the sea, water and breeze, the seagulls sound-screening the beach and a lovely word after lovely word – how good can life get?


Stargazing and talking about life

Now, that’s an intellectual challenge. Or a challenge for poetic souls…In a summer night, two can actually speak about anything in the world, but under the shining stars two mostly tend to speak of love.


A volunteer date

Go to a home with old people and read to them or paint together with them. Go to a home with orphans and give them chocolate, and cook for them, and watch movies together with them. Treat a beggar a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant with you. Volunteer for all kinds of local crafts and arts – learn to make pots and paint them in fresh colors.


A road trip

Just get into that car, and speed away, and turn on the music loud, really loud, and sing along, and feel life is so good, after all.


And dot, dot, dot…


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