Lady F and Tai Lopez Discussing How Does Life Work

I received a letter from Mr. Tai Lopez today, and I find it is the perfect subject to start a discussion. Mr. Lopez is worried about the state of the world. I allowed myself to abbreviate part of his letter, focusing on a different part of it. So, let’s discuss how does life work.


We live in this world or it’s just like we’ve literally become we have become disembodied. Like you know what a ghost is? A ghost is not attached to anything physical.

It’s just floating and that’s how people are in life. You just graduate high school and you think you’re just gonna float into a good job or a good marriage with financial security.

You won’t. 

You will float into disaster and misery.
The only thing you should be focused on is trying to figure out is how life works that’s it.
How Does Life Work?

People ask me what I do for a living I’d say I’m trying to figure out life by interviewing people and I interview scientists and I test things myself on health, wealth, love, and happiness.Here are some things I learned:


I had this doctor the other day with Dr. Kim. I asked him about if humans will live to 700 years old. He said there are good scientists that are literally figuring our DNA. There’s so many things working against us. He says there are things like oxidative stress, there’s natural mutations in our DNA that we have in our body from birth that grow as we age that basically they exaggerate and eventually get cancer and die or something. There’s cortisol levels from imposed stress being in traffic and having a shitty relationship with somebody or having a shitty job just to name a few.So that’s health off the top of my head.

Then you got wealth.
You gotta decode the game of life when it comes to money.

Money doesn’t come to you. There’s no human in history that’s “like you’re not gonna believe this time I knew nothing about money, nothing about investing and made a fortune!”.Well, I shouldn’t say there are no people… there are people that win the lottery, especially with crypto recently. There have been people who just randomly put a hundred bucks into crypto and made a good amount of money for themselves.

If you put a hundred bucks in a crypto, you’d have like five hundred million bucks last time I checked.  If you’ve put money in early enough like pre-2010, then you’d have over 100 mils. At least that’s what the calculation was at $2200 per Bitcoin. Right now BTC is about floating around $10,000-20,000.

So yes one-in-a-million or one-in-a-hundred-million people win the lottery of life, but very few people do. So if your financial plan is to win the lottery, then no. You’re gonna be broke.

And we see in the United States the average person saves only 1-2% of their income which means out of the average $50,000 income the average person is only saving $500 a year. Maybe $1000 or $2000 after taxes. This is a disaster. We’re just disembodied from reality.

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And then you get into social relationships with people. Not one class I ever have in high school was on practical psychology. Zero. I dropped out of college and no one ever told me in school that you could assess people with the dark triad score.No one told me you can find out if a person is highly neurotic or if this person’s highly likely to lie to you. I never heard of that.

But, that test has been around for twenty years. Some other tests have been around 50 years.


When it comes to happiness, people know nothing. We were taught nothing about how to attain happiness. It’s just like “oh be a good person you’ll be happy.” No, you won’t. You’ve got to learn to manage anxiety. You have to learn to manage stress.These are things that you have to learn just like how you learn how to read how to do the multiplication tables…

I’m Worried About Us Humans

I’m telling you the older I get the more I’m worried about us humans, myself included. I’m just like, am I real or is this like a joke?You know is it like how the Greeks and Romans how they believed in these gods that sit above us like Zeus or Thor or these Norse Gods. There are all these Norse Gods like Thor… you had Freyja which is like the goddess of love, you had Odin, and you had all these people.

Well, sometimes I feel like that I’m like are there gods sitting up there laughing at us?

They’re like “Oh watch the cycle repeat. Bob is an alcoholic he’s gonna marry a dysfunctional woman. He’s dysfunctional and dysfunctional people usually attract each other she’s gonna marry him, they’re gonna have kids and those kids.”

And they’re gonna just watch it like it’s a joke.

They just watch how the pain cycle is on repeat like “Oh see this person who’s born poor they’re gonna give birth to kids they’re gonna teach them nothing about money and their kids are gonna be poor” and just laugh at it.

I mean I know that’s probably not how it is but I could see how the Greeks came up with that. Like Zeus is up there laughing and occasionally they step in and I’m just like… is this how the game has to be?

Maybe that’s how the game has to be nowadays. Maybe there’s some sort of conspiracy. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist. I don’t think it’s an overt conspiracy, but I know wealthy people don’t give a shit. You think they really care about people in the ghetto? No. They care about themselves and their kids.

I live here in Beverly Hills now and these kids go to nice private schools although half the kids become fucked up themselves but apparently, their dad’s not like, “Hey son let’s go to the inner city and teach people how to invest in real estate like we did.” No.

They can teach their kids, maybe. Half the parents don’t even transfer what they know to their own kids. So here we go with the disembodied human. We’re ghosts floating doomed to the repetition.

But maybe there’s a solution.

How To Break The Cycle

This is why I talk about maybe there’s a chance. Maybe we can enlighten ourselves or each other by studying the tactics and the techniques of the outliers. You’ve got to study outliers that’s something we don’t learn about.Like we don’t ask ourselves why people like the Dalai Lama so great?

If they put him on a fMRI machine why does he have such lower stress? What’s this man doing so well? We know he meditates 3 to 6 hours a day. Probably not practical for everyone to do that, but maybe it’s like maybe we should try it.

There’s an app called Headspace. Maybe we should all be on Headspace for 15 minutes a day. Why don’t they implement that in our modern school system?

You know there’s all these school shootings, maybe if you took 15 minutes out of the dipshit curriculum we go through everyone would be a little more peaceful. People are learning nothing at these schools.

If you want to argue with me on this, I will go through any country in the world and you bring me, anyone. I don’t care what country you’re from. Let me quiz your students on practical life things. Do they know how to repair credit, do they know how to buy a house, or do they know how to do their taxes?

Do they know how to start a business? Do they understand marketing or persuasion? No. They’re all going to fail.

Some people go “Oh, America’s so far behind now they’re all gonna fail.”I’ve been around the world to 50-60 countries and there’s no place where I feel like everybody is fully equipped with the right tools.

Everybody’s doing the same educational system just with slight variations.

People seem to think Finland is the model country. The model country my ass. I’ve been to Finland, no offense to Finland, it’s not worse than America but it’s not better. It’s all the same shit.

You think Asian people are so smart and Americans are so stupid? Where’s the Nobel Prize coming out of Asia? No offense to Asians but Asians have stuck in the same modality of teaching as the rest of us: lecturing.




Dear Tai,

Blessings to you and the family you are lucky to have!

Yes, people of the past were saner, for we have invented subjects like “Theory of decision making” and back then people just used their minds.

In your video, you explain stuff for people who want to have millions of money, and that’s their dream. Deep in my heart, I don’t want this amount of money, since money and power both come with responsibilities and if you are not ready for that responsibility – they practically suck the breath out of you.  Instead of wanting to have a lot of money, I think I want to be more productive – that is to compensate the Universe for the energy invested in my talents – I want to see myself realized on many planes.


I have health issues. I am getting older. I do not exercise. However, I feel that my body is a perfectly created instrument, one of the greatest I will ever own. I cause it all kinds of stress, and it serves me well. I like the shape of it, I like the fact that it is smart, and I am an overweight person, who is in love with their imperfect body. I am the one who will not “swallow” her tummy, when I am photographed with friends. And I realize my body is so smart, and so perfect, that I can implement any kind of physical change I desire if I focus my attention on it. Health is one of my top priorities. I think it begins with peace from within.


I like James Ray’s thought that splendor is the right of every human. My wealth is my family, my environment, my friends. My wealth is being recognized, supported, nurtured and loved, and starring on my family scene-my portion of fame. I have the chance to live in a beautiful country with wonderful traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. But my greatest wealth is my five senses and my mind, which let me enjoy every aspect of life.


The basis of a profound relationship is trust. In order to have any kind of relationship, you need to learn to serve and give. Your relationships are a reflection of your self-attitude. That’s pretty much it – I will only add that having relationships requires great creativity and it is a great “investment.”


Happiness is simply being content with what you are and what you do. It is nothing complicated; it comes naturally to children, who do not judge. To perfectionists happiness is elusive. But for people who accept and tolerate and don’t criticize – happiness is everywhere.


Concerning Gods, I have the following advice: When you speak of God, speak silently. Do not argue concerning God.

How to Break The Cycle

I think you are tired of repeating: register now before it’s gone…

How to break the cycle is your wonderful creative task in this wonderful creative endeavor called life, and I am sure you have succeeded in many ways to break the cycle. You are evolving – you have learned how to gain knowledge and put this knowledge to work, while to some people that’s some arcane mystery. Like the psychoanalysts would ask: “How does that make you feel?” Make the things, which make you feel good!

Listen to your heart. It is an extremely precise focal point of your being – when something does feel right, go for it. Let your heart be your guide. Make the little child in you proud of yourself. Be positive about anything even failure, or things you dislike. Of course, there is nothing better than the bad weather!


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  1. Dear Tai,

    I’m Mariana and have some points to share about two of your life facts. First, about health – you speak of 700 years probable life longevity, well, there are estimates that it may be more precisely 250-300 years, but…through loving and caring for your most important ones.

    Second, you write about “Let me quiz your students on practical life things. Do they know how to repair credit, do they know how to buy a house, or do they know how to do their taxes?”, Please…don’t put this overburden to students’ mind…they will be blown away by life materialism and practicality and will lose their dreams…..The right time for this info to be explained is in the last year of University when people start to feel responsible first for themselves, hence they have to learn how to manage real life problems, then they may take responsibility of others such as family and kids.

    And, third but VERY IMPORTANT…I liked your thoughts on some of the topics and I think you may one day become an excellent life coach and motivator…and the thing is to practice, love and learn! Good and extreme luck!

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