Blue Blood

The expression “blue blood” comes from the Spanish “sangre azul,” which shows nobility and noble lineage. This is one of the most cherished phrases used for centuries in Western Europe. Have you ever thought about the origin of this seemingly conflicting combination of words?

Very literally, the blood of aristocrats had a blue tint. The reason for this was the silver utensils they used to feed themselves from birth to death. As a result of this – small amounts of silver were constantly present in their foods and beverages. Thus with time, their organism was replete with silver, which led to a silverfish nuance of the skin and blueish-purple coloring of the blood.

The noblemen got ill very rarely due to the antibacterial and cleansing properties of silver. In those times, when medicine was still undeveloped – this daily intake of silver was the best option for preventing infections. It could be afforded only by the aristocracy. The Ancient Greeks knew about the healthy qualities of silver thousands of years ago. The silver water is a solution of silver in water – used by Hippocrates for improving the health. The ancient people used to put a silver coin in the milk to prolong its durability. In the period of the Black Death – the rich people wore silver clothes. It wasn’t only for luxury, it helped maintain health as well.

There is no Christian who hasn’t heard of the “sacred water” – which becomes sacred after it has been poured in a silver pot in a special place of the church.

According to mythology – the art of metallurgy has been delivered from Gods to people. Actually for the color of blood are responsible the metals in its composition. Nowadays, 7000 people in the world have got blood blue in color. The iron in their blood is replaced by copper, without changing its function.

Every mortal man in Europe is somehow related to the royal families, especially Charlemagne. The book Adam Rutherford wrote “A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived” is the human story rewritten from a genetic point of view. Adam and his London college team recovered the genealogical tree of ordinary people. It turned out that Hollywood is packed with royalties. According to the British genetic, every European has got blue blood and is a descendant of a king or queen.

The word aristocrat comes from the Greek language and it means “best.” Aristocracy is as old as humanity. Certain individuals have been setting the standard for people to look up to since the dawn of human history. They are set apart by education, responsibility, wealth, taste and style.

According to Plato and Aristotle – aristocracy meant the rule of the best – the morally and intellectually superior, who govern in the interest of the entire population.

The Brahman caste in India, the Spartiate in Sparta, the patricians of Rome and the medieval nobility in Europe are samples of the social aristocracy. All aristocrats had refined manners- they were supposed to show exquisite tastes.

Punctuality is the politeness of Kings

Kings did not need to be punctual. They could show up whenever they wanted. After all, people would wait for them. But once upon a time, King Louis XVIII of France suggested that one of the ways a king can show respect for other people is to meet them at the appointed time. If it is true of kings, it’s certainly so for you and me. This is how aristocrats govern the rules of society.


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