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The most important reason you need a journal is that it adds organization in your life.

Doodle. Make it pretty. Make it yours.

The word “doodle” first appeared in the early 17th century and it meant “a simpleton, fool.” It was sung in the famous song “Yankee Doodle.”

Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on a pony
He stuck a feather in his hat
And called it macaroni

Yankee Doodle, keep it up
Yankee Doodle dandy
Mind the music and the step
and with the girls be handy!


In the early 18th century – to doodle meant “to swindle or make a fool of…” In the 1930s there appeared the verb “to dawdle” which meant “to waste time or be lazy.”

Nowadays “to doodle” means “to draw or scribble aimlessly.” It means “to draw, while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.” Which is what journal keepers all over the world do in their beautiful organizers.  You can doodle all kinds of  words such as: “and, thanks,” or “ok,” you can doodle things such as: animals, chandeliers, cacti, bird cages, food, coffee mugs, ice-creams, clouds, crowns, ribbons, angel wings. Doodling is now a beloved form of art. And it looks great on the pages of your journal or personal organizer. It’s like creating logos for your daily activities. For creative people – anything that is not creative is boring –which makes doodling vital for planning.  Planning is essential for your sense of achievements – one of the driving forces in our lives.

Ideas For A Daily Journal

Daily Journaling is all about knowing yourself.

1.     Inspirational Quotes

“It is very strange, this domination of our intellect by our digestive organs. We cannot work, we cannot think, unless our stomach wills so. It dictates to us our emotions, our passions. After eggs and bacon it says, “Work!” After beefsteak and porter, it says, “Sleep!” After a cup of tea (two spoonfuls for each cup, and don’t let it stand for more than three minutes), it says to the brain, “Now rise, and show your strength. Be eloquent, and deep, and tender; see, with a clear eye, into Nature, and into life: spread your white wings of quivering thought, and soar, a god-like spirit, over the whirling world beneath you, up through long lanes of flaming stars to the gates of eternity!”

2.     Reflect on a Quote

Obviously, the  tea so appraised by Jerome, can be no other but the Hindu tea masala, the way Hindus drink it with just some milk and two spoonfuls of sugar, for it does make you feel like you have conquered the world… you will envy the freshness of my lips after I have tasted it.

3.     Answer a Question

Where is the best pizza in town?

It is in the oldest restaurant of Plovdiv, which is known with its style, intimacy and wonderful music, as well as fantastic pizza.

4.     Personal Development

Today, I have some sense of purpose different than in other days. Since I found out the entire world deserves my love, I am now focused on personal growth through serving others. I shall keep the rest a surprise.

5.     Life Milestones

November 2016 – The Lovebooklet.com blog came into existence.

6.     Specific Events

The Christmas salsa party – I danced so much, my feet were sore until before midnight, and even though I wanted to dance more – I was physically unable to, so I had to leave and head home hardly able to walk.

7.     Captured Moments

I photographed this beautiful couple during my daily walk in summer 2016. They are still lovely to me, I hope they are well and still charming.

8.     Describe Challenges

I am now trying to harness chaos and turn it into a hierarchy of values, priorities, broken down into daily activities.

9.     Define Solutions to Challenges

One of the solutions will be to keep a journal of all my activities, a journal that does not limit me in any way, so I guess the format will be virtual – since I can use all kinds of fonts and picture materials.

10.  Write down Prayers

Take a moment and contemplate the power of prayers:


I desired you before the world began.
I desire you now as you desire me.
And where the desires of two come together
The love is perfected.


Lord, you are my lover, my longing,
My flowing stream, my sun,
And I am your reflection.


It is my nature that makes me love you often,
For I am Love itself.
It is my longing that makes me love you intensely,
For I yearn to be loved from the heart.
It is my eternity that makes me love you long,
For I have no end.

God Speaks to The Soul – Mechthild of Magdeburg – 13th Century

11.  Express Gratitude

For the joy of human life,
its wonders and surprises, its hopes and achievements:
We give thanks this day.

12.  Describe a Memory

Well, I remember how I learned to read, when I was three years old. I was playing with plastic letters on the floor of my room. I knew how the letters sounded and I was trying to arrange them in the way they were arranged in the book. I asked my parents if I came upon a very peculiar word, that meant nothing to me…the book was The Greek Mythology, I am still very fond of it.

13.  Overcoming Fears

I don’t have many fears. I am afraid of high and unstable places and of giving birth. I had a terrible fear of spiders, until the boys from high-school didn’t place a moving spider toy into my face. I was terrified, and all the spiders I have seen since then look pretty friendly to me.

14.  Track the Food you Eat

A friend advised me to take photo with the phone of everything I eat during the day. In this way – he explained, – we will be able to define what kinds of food you need, and what you may skip on.

15.  Keep A Travel Journal

Hisarya was my last destination. Again, the big family gathered together at my Grandma’s house, for a prayer and a feast. We walked about the ancient city and delighted in the last sunny days of the year.

16.  Write about Dislikes

I have to say I hate intolerance and really bad manners. But I love haters! In fact there are very few things that don’t give me joy, and most of them ought not to exist.

17.  Write to an Imaginary Friend

Well, if you are a blogger you have to write to a large number of imaginary friends.

18.  Write about a book you’ve read.

A man and a woman, both irresistible in their own way meet on a stranded island. They are so different they immediately get in a struggle. She is refined to being ridiculous in the extraordinary circumstances. He is a rough American guy, who is used to women hitting on him. Well, guess what – they immediately hate each other, and at the same time are so attracted to each other they can’t stand it. This is a recipe for a great romance.

19.  Write down affirmations:

Be you. Be your own feeling. Be wild, be free, be fresh and beautiful, be sweet and sensual. Be your dreams! Just be you!

20.  Create Lists:


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I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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