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Bullet Journal

  The most important reason you need a journal is that it adds organization in your life. Doodle. Make it…

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Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself – Mind, Body and Soul

Life means moving forward every minute of every day – and all of us have three great aspects we must…

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Romance in December

Make it a December to remember! Second only to St Valentine’s the Christmas holiday is the most romantic time of…

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The Angel From Christmas Colored By Merry People

Angelical Lorna Angeli says Angels appear in our lives in all shapes and sizes, sometimes even as snowflakes. You instantly…

christmas colored by merry people
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Christmas Colored By Merry People

Now on Amazon: Christmas Colored By Merry People It’s a coloring book for adults,  created with an appealing naivety. I…

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Basics of Color Therapy

What is color therapy? “Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

Do you believe in elves and fairies? Something good in everything you see? This Christmas you can perform random acts…