What Women Do Men Like

what women do men like

Men like women. In all qualities and quantities, men like women. Tall or small, they like them, rich and poor they like them. For every train there are passengers. For instance one of my friends used to be in love with this weird, plumpy girl, because she had those irrelevant, huge cheeks, which were practically hanging from her face like Xmas ornaments. Concerning women, men often make peculiar choices. What women do men like?

Beautiful women…

A man needs to be able to sit in a café in te midst of a big city, look at all the dolled up dolls who pass by, and say to himself: “Behold, there is no woman as beautiful as my wife.” Such men are really lucky. Being beautiful after thirty requires penal servitude. It means your woman is ambitious, resolute, responsible. Imagine, you have to smear all kinds of creams upon your face and body and make facial exercise…and drink potions unheard of to preserve your aging body and uncover the secret of beauty. Most of the time beauties are busy with this.

So, what women do men like?

Strong,  independent women

There are these valiant women, who are adored by kind and chilled men. They practically lead the dance. Usually, they are much more precise and orientated than their men, and they deserve the tender admirations of their husbands. With their children, they are protective as an eagle. They are ambitious and reliable, practical and caring, protective and generous with attention.

Soft, tender women

Basically, some men like women they can swank about. They need to excel them on many planes. They need honest admiration and adoration and they need to feel as graceful Kings. But then, “the brightest jewel in his crown,” would be his Queen. He will elevate you, he will place you on his altar, he will teach you and delight in you.

Miss Right

Some men know what they want. It is a woman of manners, beautiful and lovely, with a kind disposition and tender complexion. They know her by the touch, she has got the sweetest lips, and she is so romantic that heaven abides between her legs. She is powerfully feminine and noble, she lacks nothing, she is an enchanting fairy and she comes in your life with gifts. Say: “welcome, my woman, welcome…”

The Bride Witch

The spiritually evolved men, who know that a bride is an innocent woman, and the witch is a wise woman, look for something in between. They want to be charmed. They are extremely romantic and heaven is in their strong hug. A woman needs to have a pleasant, special intelligence to entice these powerful, magnificent men. They want this mixture of spiritual innocence and experience in order to commit, but a woman must also be incredibly sexy, tolerant and ready to submit to the passion of a lifetime. When he meets her – his heart is on fire…

The One

He knows that God created him for his special someone, that he will recognize the first time he hears her voice, or looks into her eyes. They will take each other to paradise, literally. Knowing that when he finds her, he is no longer interested in the rest of the female species. They click so well, it’s an incredible and very rare union, the best and most interesting of relationships.

The Admirable

He wants her to excel all other women with her qualities, only to find out that the most precious thing about her is the way she connects with him and makes him feel special. The way he can count on her, when he is in deep trouble, and the nice, little presents with which she demonstrates her love, then her supple body and her irresistible smile.

The Sweetest Friend

She will be standing next to your shoulder when you are painting, in honest adoration of every stroke with the brush. She will delight in your beauty, and when you are together with her, you will feel like you are two Gods-consorts, in such divine harmony and loveliness, always looking upwards to the skies and to the stars, and with giant dreams.

The Delicate One

She is painfully honest and sincerely falls for intelligence and spiritual ripeness. She is unable to think of you without a happy smile. She is sexually the best trip in the world. When you are together insanity rules both of you. She reads Dostoyevsky, while you think she is somehow also able to read your mind as well. And when she trips, she knows you are always there to hold her hand.

The Girl Who Reads

And writes. And dances, and paints and makes pots out of clay. And shuttles around the city on a daily basis. She raises herself in society, by inviting her friends over to a dinner party with blue cheese. She is excited sexually by words such as “narrative” and algorithm.” She can make you laugh and cry, and climax three times in an hour. She is your happy pill, your wildest dream.

A terribly smart woman


Exclusive, smart, incomparable men like most of the women for general talk and play. But, when they choose a woman for a lifetime, and probably longer, they put her to a test. They play with her self-confidence. They give her challenges; they take her out of her comfort zone and see how she behaves. Because true gold is tested in fire, and a life-partner is tested in trouble. He will place impediments for you to overcome. He can make you feel like a Goddess, but he will test you with creating all kinds of inconveniences for you to enjoy. Very smart women are well aware of this, and they somehow sense smart men will help them transcend themselves, so they flock around them like moths around a flame. These men feel that the job of a woman is to inspire the man.

The Princess

She is not a born princess, but she is the woman you elevate to true greatness. You chose her by her heart of gold, and people will throw gold at your wedding. She is your deserving partner in all mundane and heavenly deeds and she is so lucky. The moment you meet her, you know future holds surprises for both of you.

Every woman has the chance to be liked. Every woman can mean different things to different  men, for every woman is unique among the rest, if you manage to uncover her sweetness and savor it.

Author: LadyF

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