The Witch and The Knight – Part Four – The Leprechaun


Anton had to really think about what made him walk all this way with the witch, while scratching with a finger his scruffy chin. How rough his face felt, Mary was right. He really did need a shave. Constrained to explain, he started reasoning, “I… am not quite sure. A moment ago, all I could think about was making out, and here we are now, among all these brambles, definitely not the proper place for that…” – he began searching something under his mantle.

“Where is it, I swore I put it on my belt somewhere… Ah!”

From the folds of his cloak he produced a wicked looking knife with a heavy forward curving head of a blade. “A kopis,” Anton explained. “A common tool for soldiers and farmers alike in Ra and Eureka. With this I’m confident we can make our way out of here.”

He began hacking away at the brambles that surrounded himself and Mary, carving a path back to where he supposed Shrine Hill lay, his knife strokes as graceful as they would have been if the knife was his rapier.

“I suggest that we return to your place. There we can rest and plot our course better when the sun is out and shining as ever.”

At the sight of the weapon Mary instinctively jumped a meter away from the man, but she regained her composure and it swiftly restored herself to her usual enthusiasm. “Beautiful!”  Mary clapped her hands in appreciation. “You are one mighty champion with the coolest sword!”

However, the knife was a little blunt, so it couldn’t quite cut through the branches, but merely pushed them aside and they returned their position passing straight through Mary’s face. She assumed a battle posture with her arms defending her from the attack of the bushes, and in order to correspond with her physical movements, she began emitting war-cries as well. Her war-cries could be used to sound an adult movie production. They broke the stillness of the forest, and awakened every magical thing in it. Finally, the rose bushes lessened and they reached into a dark lawn, in the midst of it a Mushroom house radiating warm light through the windows. A Leprechaun jumped from inside, ready to protect its home from the night intruders.

Freeze! – and then the Leprechaun uttered with confidence the most popular spell on the Shrine Hill.

The Knight froze.

“No, no, no, no!” Mary spoke indignantly. “You are not casting my own spells on me! I have a talisman for protection, and I am from a great wizard’s kin so don’t try anything funny.”

“You must be from the Shrine Hill.” the Leprechaun said a little irritated. “And look at how you are dressed! No wonder folks there keep aside even from each other. What’s with the impassioned sounds? And why is your companion pointing a mace into my face?”

“He is a glorious Knight, very much enamored with me.” Mary explained. „And that’s not a mace, it is a kopis” – she said delighted with the fact that she is so tech savvy. – I’ve heard, it is used from soldiers and farmers in Ra and Eureka to shave their beards. “Isn’t that right, my Knight? Oh, you are frozen.” And she took her magic wand from out of her bosom, and waved it around a bit in the direction of the Knight. “Leviectus Elementa” she said and the numb body of the Knight started levitating in the air. “Oh!” Mary said. “Not quite what I meant. Well,” she turned to the leprechaun, “are you just going to sit there while my Knight is floating around sound asleep?”

“Elementa leviectus.” said the Leprechaun with a fatigued look, and the stuporous Knight touched the ground again. Then the leprechaun took out of his house a basin with water and emptied it upon the sleeping Knight’s head, which caused him to startle and wake up.




Author: LadyF

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