The Witch and the Knight – Part One

mary hook

“So mote it be” – Mary Hook whispered, as she was dipping the quill into black ink to draw a seal upon the rose colored parchment. Then she sipped from her hot chai, pleased.

Her eyes, a bright shade of green, as if exposed to light and her reddish hair sparkled in the glow by the warm fire, the stars, and the moon outside…It was a warm and still night in her tidy and shabby, and ornate kitchen, and she sensed somehow, something extraordinary was going to happen…something unexpected…Then she noticed the small spider in the corner.

–   Oh, she smiled. – We are going to have visitors!

Of course the door had one of those beautiful knockers, which stated with certainty, that something magical and unheard of is cooking inside. When the Knight knocked twice at the door it opened slowly and he saw her broom leaning on the wall in the entrée. Nearby she had also placed her black pointed shoes and her black pointed hat rested on the hanger. Everything looked quite tidy and modest, except for the rich chandelier, which hanged like a charm, adorned with various stunning gems. Then the Knight saw another door – bright purple in color. That was an unambiguous sign.

Slowly he peeped from behind the door only to see by the light of the fireplace a curvy, petite lady with a round belly and sparkling eyes. She was blessed with beautiful bosom and shiny smile.

She pointed to the chair right against her at the table. On the table there was a luxurious silver and artsy Samovar. She poured the hot infusion in a cup, and flipped the bowl with the lumps of sugar and the slices of lemon closer to the Knight.

The tea was so hot that she also gave him a towel, to brush his face from the sweat. Then she looked into his sparkling eyes with content, as he was wiping his beard from the mead.

“That’s my brew!” said she proudly.”I am Mary Hook. People flock to me with all kinds of questions. Tell me, sincerely, what is your true heart’s desire?”

“Many thanks for having me, Lady Hook, I am known as Anton the Knight,” He said softly. His voice was so deep, it could announce grand spectacles in the amphitheaters of the great cities. The knight was well built, for he spent hours daily in physical activities, a little short, but with a virile and handsome composition. He was a little intoxicated from the many glasses of Sangria he had in the tavern on the Motley Hill, before he got in Mary Hook’s place.

He sipped from his cup more of the sweet tea, feeling it warming his heart with its heat. It tasted and felt wonderful, Mary knew how to brew.

“As for my reason to be here, madame, I think you may find it… rather complicated.”

“As far as I know I am an epic hero, and a great one. However, I did not have my adventures by myself. I had two comrades, my brother August, and my best friend Nicholas. Through thick and thin they fought by my side. But they are not here with me on Alpha Gem.”

Even if he wasn’t wearing his royal coat of arms, the Knight Anton would still exhibit the lovely manners of a Knight coming from the most sophisticated Kingdom on Alpha Gem. “I didn’t expect you to appear right away…”  – Mary thought to herself. “The seal of the parchment is still wet, and you already manifest in my reality! So fast!” Of all the magic she did, she took most delight in evoking temporary infatuation, and she knew her craft well enough to create for herself a streak of romantic incidents. She often used one concrete spell from the Book of Shadows of her auntie Henrietta, a family relic. This most powerful spell always helped her get lucky. She had a hobby of catching the bridal bouquet at weddings, and were it not for her craft, she would have probably settled down already. But with magic as her main occupation she accounted solely on casual encounters, which did not last, but kept her romantic heart busy for a short while. She was most astonished when she saw the handsome Knight with pleasant voice steal in her holy cloister and give her an irresistible beam. Wow, the charm worked pretty fast, Mary knew it was him, since her only specification when she cast the spell was that her next romantic interest should be a nobleman.

“Is that the case?” she enquired looking at him straight in the eyes with her compelling green gaze. “It’s a rare kind of a disaster. Can you tell me more about how you lost your comrades? Of course, I would love to know more about your legend as well!” – and she bloomed into a lovely, welcoming smile. “It can take a few hours before he starts to notice me.” – she reminded herself. “But I am geniunely a good catch!” Even though she was attractive she knew that before the magic acts she should keep her temper. Folks tend to keep away from the people  who live on the Shrine Hill.

“I will now tell you the story of my latest adventure…Me and my comrades August and Nicholas were leading a caravel ship against the pirate armada… – his voice dropped quite low, to emphasize the horror of the pirate’s name: of Dread Marine de la Costa

Anton described a battle of ships in details, mentioning how cannon balls and musket shot soared through the air like hornets and birds, breaking ships and sending shrapnel aloft everywhere. “Boys…” Mary Hook said to herself, while she was pretending to listen to him with interest.

“At the zenith of the battle, we couldn’t hope to defeat La Costa and his ship, a great beast. I readied my cannons to send a volley, but La Costa’s gave his command to fire first, and then…. Then…Then the next thing I remember was seeing bright light. When I awoke, I found myself washed up on the shore of the Great Silent Lake. August and Nicholas were nowhere in sight. Moments later, the Princess of Angelique and her party of hunters found me and brought me before the Queen Mother herself. In a week’s time, I was a Knight in her Majesty’s service. But I never stopped thinking about my comrades. My heart yearns for them.”

“So you wanted gold and joy and you searched for them in the infinite sea? And you did not lose courage, and fought back to back with your friends against an entire crew …wow you are truly a hero!” “And I need a hero” – she thought to herself delighted, and the delight sparkled in her eyes.

“Well, comrade, there is an old Gypsy spell for divination that could do the trick.” Then she set a white lighted candle so that it illuminated the man’s face and placed her crystal ball near her.
“Divine energy,” she inquired,” please, show me the fate of Anton, the Knight.” Her eyes focused on the flame for a short while, then on the ball.

“I see.” The witch said. “Anton, you are a character who suffers from a severe form of psychosis since the moment you have been tossed by the waves on the shore of the Great Silent Lake. Your entire story is what medics call “a psychotic incident,” and your memories of it are also known as delusions. I am not sure the battle or your friends were not hallucinations, invented by a moonstruck mind. I am not sure August and Nicholas even exist. You perceive them as real, but they are clearly false. It seems your author messed you a lot…you clearly need to see a doctor. Anything you may think that you remember is obviously a figment of your imagination.

I see you suffer from streaks of melancholy and I can suggest herbal cures for this. But in order to really solve your problem, we have to locate your author’s whereabouts on Earth, and get into his head one more time for a better destiny. Chances are you are from a first draft, and then thrown away in some corner at your creator’s desk, or under a press-papier, since you appeared on the shore of the Great Silent Lake out of nowhere. But then, you are not deprived of your charms. I see in the crystal ball, you have broken the Princess’s heart.”


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