How To Get Slimmer

How To Get Slimmer

Do you wonder how to get slimmer? You need a Smart and Balanced Diet

You have definitely heard the sentence: “You are what you eat.”

We feed in order to support our bodies, and they are such complicated systems because the food is not only fuel, it is also information.

Your body needs energy and matter. It is fueled by a kind of sugar named glucose. It depends on the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fats in order to create and support its cells. The benefits we receive from the food is measured in units called calories.

Men need a daily intake of 2500 and women of 2000 calories daily. Of the basic nutritional substances, one should eat balanced portions of:

35% Fruit and vegetables

35% Carbohydrates

15% Proteins

10% Dairy products

5% Fats derived from plants such as sun-seed oil, virgin olive oil etc.

Don’t we all love fresh, vibrant, irresistible food? Good news is we don’t have to be deprived of them in order to lose weight. However, nutritionists dislike the term nutritional regime. Therefore they talk of a way of eating, which will help us function optimally well.

There are foods which are not suitable for every day, such as sweet, fizzy beverages, high-fat foods (pork meat and cheese Brie), sweets like cakes, bonbons, chocolate, salty carbohydrates such as chips, and alcohol.

Why do we get fat?

We consume more energy in the form of food than our bodies need. So in order to get slimmer, we need to reduce the intake of calories and enhance the expense of energy.


Spare 10 minutes for a slight physical activity. Walk even in the winter months. Be cool and lose weight – if you sleep in the cold, dress more lightly and wear no scarf you will spend more energy.

How to reduce our calories?

Sometimes eating just feels so good! Water instead of food – every time you feel like munching on something raise a glass of water, in due time this habit will reflect on your weight. You may thrive on foods with less calories such as carrots and slices of apple instead of cake and chips. Substitute food for intimacy – it has got the same balancing effect on the spirit.

If you find it strenuous to calculate your calories, there is an alternative way to measure your food intake. All you need is your hands. The portion of protein should be the palm of the hand, the fist defines the amount of vegetables, the hand-cup shows the daily intake of carbs and the size of the thumb is responsible for the fats we need. How many portions daily you consume is rather individual.

We eat with passion and in an acrimonious way because food simply makes us feel so good! A good advice for food digestion is to eat slowly, meditatively, less gluttonously. Eat in a calm way and in a calm environment.


A person should walk for 2 hours daily in order to be moderately active. Walking 10000 steps a day has become a mantra of modern health gurus. Use every opportunity to walk, while you talk on the phone, while you shop, during your lunch break.

Also, don’t forget a couple of simple rules:

Sleep makes you pretty.

Stress should be under control.

Drugs harm your body and your psyche.

You should avoid Trans-acids like hell.

And Rule number one: It is all meant to feel good. Do not strain your body above its limits. Do not do it if it hurts, do not eat it if it makes you feel sick, or heavy, or inconvenient in any way. Food and exercise are among the good things in life. They should make you feel fabulous. There is no way you may be wrong with a green salad with tuna fish, so feed your self, please your soul well and let it feel heaven…



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