Attention To Details

Who pays attention to details?

Artists and writers do. Creators do. Everyone should pay attention to details.


For the ardent love of prettiness…
Sugar, spice and everything nice…
Details make everything posher
Details require your attention, and they deserve it because most of them get us better results.
You perform better in any job that can be done, if you can find the element of fun.
Every task becomes a piece of cake.
Focus is essential.

The art teacher’s story

I used to go to art classes. In the first 15 minutes of the lesson, I presented the art teacher with a “ready picture.” He told me the story of a famous painter, who was painting the portrait of a nobleman. The nobleman had been sitting for the painter 126 times. In the end of the 126th session, the painter took the nobleman to the canvas and said: “Here. I think I have achieved something in the area of the collar…” “While you,” my teacher concludes: “you impertinently achieve something in the first 15 minutes.”

This is an Art Nouveau, female, nude sculpture by the artist Jean Antoine Injalbert. It adorns one of the columns of Hotel Chappaz in Beziers, about 400 miles away from Paris. It reminds us why we love everything French. No wonder why France is the most popular destination in the world.


Details in Fashion

If you have two buttons missing from your coat and your hair looks tousled, and you look like a beggar, you should definitely pay attention to details.  That’s what the great designers do. The simpler the detail – the greatest effect it can have on your carriage and style. It actually catches the eye on the very first date – you notice the bearing of the person, the way he is dressed, from buttons to watch, his pleasant smile.

It feels like lovely white butterflies have perched on the perfect skin of this lady’s back for an incredibly sexy and tempting wedding look.

Pearls symbolize to designers purity and beauty, wisdom acquired from experience. They are supposed to attract wealth and luck and calm the body, balance the karma and strengthen relationships.

 According to Coco Chanel – a girl should be two things: fabulous and classy.
Simple and symbolic this beautiful earring grabs your attention immediately. Belissima.
The past is always tense. The future perfect.
Invest in a quality watch, it counts the ticks of your heart.
The wonder of the hair against the wonder of the neckline, unrivaled beauty, so pleasing to the eye.

Attraction resides in very small and sweet things – such as the tenderness of his hands, as if he is a piano player, the sweetness of the lips, the warmth of his hug, his pleasant manners. All the small stuff you notice constantly around him, like the color of his glasses, and the way he wakes you up with tender making out. All the stuff there is to notice about him fills your heart with  joy.


Inscriptions on coffee mugs and T-shirts are crucial. They give you joy and express yourself. They catch your eyes in the very beginning of an acquaintance.

And the door to heaven!


Flowers are the living proof that God pays attention to details as well. Life is created with attention to details – take the complexity of a single cell and reach the most ecstatic mode of feeling and its nuances. Life is full of beauty and everything that surrounds us is adorned with details crafted to perfection. Colors, musical tones, numbers – wherever there are details there is godliness and consummation.

Design and Programming

One little error in the code and your creation will not work. It is primordial to focus when you write a program. This profession exacts perfection in details like the toil of the designers, and architects, and artists and for that matter every creative person in the world.

Details can harm.

Don’t delineate your lips with black pencil – it does not really underline your smile. There is no right way to do it, just don’t do it.

Your eyebrows shouldn’t look too thin.

While ugly makeup is a garden variety problem it is still a problem for true ladies.

Details in Romance

A bouquet of roses with long stems, champagne and strawberries and wonderful movies. Rose petals next to your skin. Honey, warm water and candles, the touch of intimacy through lacy pants. Sensuality details: ardent fondling all over the body, promising delight, warm hugs, desire is insane, you have the sweetest lips and  your kisses have the fragrance of Love.

Name the day, you will take my hand and lead me on the aisle – we will both be in need of a small box.


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