A Blind Date

blind date

On a blind date one of two possible scenarios can take effect.

Both individuals like each other, they go for it, and wake up heavenly in love.
Both individuals hate each other and part without achieving satisfaction of any kind.

Let us call the two scenarios The Way of Harmony and The Way of Disharmony, like the Tea Ceremony is called The Way of Tea.

Let’s start with the bad news.


Blind Date: The Way of Disharmony

Boy descends from the bus, he’s taken a look at the girl, and knows for certain in his heart it has all been a huge mistake. Girl is so out of his league, he cannot describe it in mere words. It turns out all the attraction has been fake and she’s a major disappointment. While he is really into curvy girls, this one is rather skinny. While he is into well-mannered interlocutors, this one is far from a lady. The girl may not, or she may fall for the boy, but if one of the partners is disappointed, that’s a deal breaker. Boy and girl spend time together, they found reasons to laugh, but the laughter is bitter. Since manners are among the most pleasant thing for the soul, and those two people on a blind date have not had any idea of the other’s behavior in the physical environment.

There isn’t too much to say about disharmony.

It’s Sha Chi, according to Feng Shui.


Blind Date: The Way of Harmony


Boy descends from the bus, one look at her, and it’s magic. He avoids looking at her too much because she is just so darn pretty, but they exchange a decent hug and they carry each other’s hand. They both perceive each other as smart and fair. They have no patience to remain alone in the purrrfect hotel room. When they reach there, she is tense from intensive desire…

Let us leave them cooking in the hotel room for 16 hours. The girl is trying to be discreet. She won’t tell how and when, and where, and why, but she can tell how she felt. She felt like a huge cake – so irresistible, so celebrated, electrified, surprised, satisfying, divine, affectionate, brilliant. Heaven. He left her with passion gratified, still dreaming for more, silently thinking words of rapture, and craving for every bit of attention he can spare.

You are to me Cheng Chi!


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