Alpha Gem and Money

Money makes the world go round…that clinking, clanking sound; it makes the world go round…

An Alpha Gem character once shared his attitude to spending – for our convenience let us call him Ashley. Ashley has got a pair of glasses, which are pure and transparent when he is outside, but gleam in soft lavender color when he is inside. He looks so beautiful and trendy, and when you admit this, he starts telling the story of his glasses.

He enters the optics absolutely positive that he wants the best glass for his spectacles. He constantly raises the level and he gets the most expensive glass with thousands of extra attributes, it’s truly amazing to see the world through them. He wants the best glass because he knows a lot about working on the PC for many hours every day. So Ashley gets the most expensive and absolute glass for his spectacles, and then he chooses the simplest rims and gets out in a hurry. Behind him, the optician is flabbergasted. “You mean, you are not going to buy a frame suitable for this perfect glass?” “What’s wrong with this frame?” Ashley asks, and then he explains to me: “for money has to be spent only on things necessary.”

Another inhabitant of Alpha Gem has got jeans for less than 5 dollars and a T-Shirt for more than fifty. That shows a sort of financial eccentricity, he’s got a personal style of shopping. He loves all his belongings, even after he has worn them for a long time, he grows attached to his personal objects.

Yet another inhabitant of Alpha Gem has saved money for an apartment in his thirties. He has got an incredible attitude to money – he carries the pennies around in a plastic bag, which he calls “wallet.” The same specimen has traveled all around the world for almost no money. He gives a great piece of advice: “When you need to spend money on something, first ask yourself do you really need it? If you don’t need it, don’t go for it.” Well, one has to admit he is financially smart, unlike most people.

On Alpha Gem, people trade with each other with golden coins, golden curls, pearls, and compotes. They trade with medallions and gem pendants, with beautiful plants, and pictures, with magical items and potions, whatever goods your beautiful mind can invent…

On Alpha Gem, people gift their most precious belongings to the people they most care for and admire. Thus they own nothing but a dozen of great spiritual friends, who are happy because they have everything.

Let us go back to Ashley. Says he:

“In order to be helpful to people, one has to be always in a good mood.”

There are two things that keep me in good mood – creativity and passion. I earn money through creativity, I spend them on my passions.

“The world is his, who’s got money to go over it.” – Emerson




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