Kids Room

kids room

“For I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me.”
Winnie, The Pooh

Shades of gray, milk and cacao, a slightly beige, very simplistic rug, and adorned with a broom, this kids room breathes easily. On the wooden coat-hook are hanging clothes in the same nuances, made obviously for fairy-tale characters, of the sort that lives in mushrooms. Happy, warm belongings, they add their own charm to the room.

The night sky has been downloaded in this kids room. Accents are in the shape of pillows in the form of plush animals. It looks like a really tidy, well ornamented and it is a design statement aimed at a sensitive kid, who loves animals such as the hedgehog.


Flowers for little Alice, who is lost in Wonderland, where she learns to talk to roses, which bloom and sing and dance in the wind together with tulips and white bells. A fairy-tale setting for a little miss, tender as a flower.

It’s the tropical heaven, with a coconut-pillow and flamingo portraits on the walls, with pink palm leaves and the most important words such as “love” and “hello” painted on the walls. Your little one can go around the USA, with these words, and no one will know she still does not talk in English. Last but not least the tassels hanging from the blanket are simply psychedelic.

Baby will become a Goth. In such a dark kids room, with wolves on the walls, you are raising a teenager, who will watch the Vampire Diaries with delight. The eccentric moon enlivens the atmosphere, but this is really a dusky dwelling.

Baby blue rules! All these colors are demonstrating the power of the neutrals – close variations of white, so beloved to architects. A perfectly balanced kids room, where even misplaced items can create a charming accent.

Home to peculiar stuffed animals such as Chebourashka, two sleeping eyes on the wall, and a presse-papier. This room is solved mainly in white, with some cool squares on the floor. The dolls look like they are paying attention to the kid, and it will feel accompanied in this room.

 A place for a true princess and her entourage. Comfy for reading or napping among the fluffy pillows. Space is enough for a good afternoon rest. Every pillow is an absolutely different accent and all of them look so cool together. The lights add some Sheng Chi as well.


What colors can do to a kids room! Bright as brightness, those floral elements and elementary paintings on the walls give so much life to this room. If you take the flowery armchair out of the room – it is mainly white. But oh, those colors! Splashed as if by a clumsy painter, they give soul to the place.

 White is forever. In this very sleepy room, shades of white dominate other shades of white to the effect of white perfection. It calms down the senses, purifies the energy, looks cozy, yep, even playful. A suitable spot for a very little princess, it will resonate with her innocent and lovely heart.

 This is the beautiful dwelling of the beloved Peter, the Rabbit, whose portrait hangs charmingly on the wall. As described on the wall, this is a room for a sleepy person, who loves a little light while they are sleeping, and loves leaving his wooden toys in a pretty mess on the floor.

Keep calm and go on loving Peter, the Rabbit. This is an example of a kids room with art on the wall, which would appeal mainly to adults. It makes this room stylish and corresponding to the other rooms in a house. Teach your child some style.

This is really pretty and lovely! You have got a bed on the second floor – kids love that, and you also have got a place to cuddle, filled with super cool posters, teddy bears, pillows and guarded by heavy blue curtains, a place entirely for yourself. This room makes people happy!

The shade of golden reminds us that all kids are actually royalties. Their first word is often “I want,” which is the word of a king. Their bed in wrought gold, the little tyrants learn since an early age the precious things in life. Young people think this is money, and when they grow older – they become convinced of that.


This is a room for a Barbie Girl. She loves herself so much – she powders her nose since she is three. She asks the mirror three times if she is the fairest of them all, and the flamingo confirms her apprehensions – yes, she needs more powers, a hint of perfume…this little lady will one day wear Tiffany’s…

Again a little treat for the toddlers. It is incredibly amazing to have your own house at the age of three – it’s actually a dream. Especially if it is adorned with a shine that looks as if coming from a fireplace. Your kid will fall in love with this greenish, well-lightened settlement.

Big Brother is watching you! If you have a pair of crazy parents, very probably you will turn out in possession of a nice pair of glasses over your yellow cupboard. It’s enough to make some children happy. Other children will not be able to fall asleep. Too funky.

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