Alpha Gem Culture

Year 222 of the Age of Aquarius, Alpha Gem

In the Milky Way, in the constellation of Gemini, there lies a small planet, where human tales, dreams and reveries complain of their fate. It is called Alpha Gem and it is linked to the Earth and other planets with magical portals, which are protected by inexorable, still bribable guards. It seems the human dreams and fantasies have populated this planet with all kinds of deities, fairy-tale characters, mythical creatures and charms that the human mind keeps on breeding…wonderful Gods, elves, fairies, dwarfs, nymphs, mermaids, unicorns and dragons from the mythologies, as well as apparitions, phantoms, witches, trolls and villains of all sorts.

On the planet of Alpha Gem there are 8 divine Kingdoms, their coasts are splashed by the Great Silent Lake, to the North and to the East there lies the Great Olympus – where Ancient Greek and Roman deities are glorified.

Alpha Gem’s inhabitants have voted monarchy as the best form of government – especially when the Monarch has been God-anointed like in the olden days.

On the Alpha Gem plane, there are 7 divine Kingdoms: each of them equipped with an Enchanted Forest, and in the middle of the Great Silent Lake is the 8th Kingdom – Fairland – the brightest and the darkest of them all.

Sasha Empire (Russia)

Eureka Kingdom (Ancient Greece)

Dragon Dynasty (China)

Valhalla (Viking)

Olympus (Greek Gods)

Ra (Egypt), Angelique (France)


Everybody believes in Gods, some have met them personally.

Alpha Gem’s Culture


My head says gym, but my heart says tacos!

The taste buds of the Alpha Gem inhabitants are used to various treats. They eat soft, sour raspberries, purple unicorn noodles, vanilla ice-cream and fragrant cakes. Mornings they eat croissants like the Parisian, afternoons they drink high tea and eat cherries dipped in white chocolate. The Fairies constantly crave for cocktails, tarts and peanut butter. The people on the Motley side make the best breakfast pancakes. There is magic in the bread. On the Shrine hill very popular are the muffins for invisibility, and drinks and potions such as Dragon’s breath.


On Alpha Gem, people like to party and they know how. They celebrate the Sabbaths, the Greek Deities, Christmas, St. Valentine’s, Halloween, New Year’s Eve and the arts. They eat and drink like true aboriginals; they fish and stay merry all year round. Rich noblemen take pretty, aristocratic ladies out to dine. They wonder whether to beer or not to beer when they beer not, they drink sweet mead and Sangria and they are a little tipsy the entire time.


They wear clothes from wrought gold and silver. Ladies wear tiaras and crinoline dresses and wave around with their feathery fans. Even the women carry owls on their shoulders, ride horses and wave swords with names. They insert flowers in their hairs and place pins and brooches on their dresses. Men wear their armors even on official occasions, and in their daily lives, they wear elegant shirts and pullovers, since most of them descend from rich families. Men wear bowties, they have tattoos and paint their faces in the colors of war, when the occasion so requires. Even rogues are sexy.


The population of Alpha Gem works in regular institutions such as schools, universities, homes, banks, Cathedrals, courthouses, harbors, boats, library, marketplace, police station, guest houses, on the field, in the stables, in yards, looking after animals etc. There are shoemakers, maidservants, barbers, jewelers, taverns, carpenters, masons, bakers, wine-sellers, painters, doctors, blacksmiths, locksmiths, sculptors, booksellers.

Arts and Crafts

The people of Alpha Gem deal with magic and art projects the entire time. They tame dragons, fly on brooms, dance until they tear 12 pairs of dancing shoes. They deal the entire time with all kinds of artistic projects: knitting hats and socks, or book covers, caring for pets, painting the walls and the roses red, dancing under the full moon, bathing in brooks with mermaids and golden fishes, to summon good luck. They make talismans for prosperity, their astrologers define their totem animal and Alpha Gem abounds with practitioners of magic ready to help you settle the mess you’ve gotten into.


Since all the inhabitants of Alpha Gem are actually literary characters, they read the stories about each other. Often when individuals meet each other, they exclaim: you are from my favorite story! Their position in society depends on how compelling their characters are, and how fascinating are the stories about them. Boring literary characters are not popular and no one wants to befriend them. Characters have the ability to procreate.

Courtesy and Manners

They bow when they meet each other, and then they shake hands and present themselves with their titles and trades. The noblemen are polite, independently if they talk to Kings or trolls. Laughing is frequent and contagious. All the women can graciously curve their hips while they walk. Folks befriend each other easily, they are amiable and fun, and polite as concierges. They celebrate life. People on Alpha Gem believe a person needs 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs a day to develop and 12 hugs a day to prosper.


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