These are the colors most of us want to come home to. A whole rainbow of whites. Off-whites, creamier and cozier than ever and a whole new world of neutrals that turn up the volume with just a hint of color – beautiful, interesting, yet easy to live with.

If you ever tried to pick a white paint, you know there is such a thing as too much choice.

Everything looks good against a true, clear, eye-chilling, freezing-cold white. It’s like a snow blizzard, or Ascot, or Huck Finn’s white fence, or marshmallows, or sugar.

But it is tough to get a crisp look without being very cold. That’s where Ivory White does the trick.

Linen White is the classic formula. It looks like it has been on the wall for a long time, which works well with old English and French furniture.”

Never paint every wall in a room in the same color. Adjust the shade, for light hits each wall in a different way and the way shadows fall can be the most beautiful of all.

Which neutrals are most used by interior designers?

Some will do entire houses in Mushroom: beige but it changes drastically. Chameleon-like and mysterious it takes on the properties of the colors around it. It’s almost cloud-like.

They love grayish blue, the blueness of a washed sky after a storm has passed.

Bella Donna is used a lot – a smoky lavender gray, the color of a twilight sky.

One could paint every room in the house Coconut Skin – a deep mocha brown with some milk in it. It’s cozy and comforting, even with a funky, kitschy color like lime green, you’ve got an elegant combination.



You can pick Khaki and celadon. Very neutral colors. Each one – softly beautiful. They don’t scream, they don’t dictate. You put them with anything.

The most enduring color is Papaya which looks like homemade vanilla ice-cream with a little caramel in it. It is loveable with the blues, greens, and blue-greens of the sea and the sky and with various soft, warm pinks. There is nothing edgy about it.

You will love mesquite because it does not shout “I am green.” It says “I am a very beautiful color.”

Benjamine Moore’s Gray Colors

It is called Wenge and it’s a rich, blackish brown, the color of that bitter chocolate, with 70% cacao, that everyone is calling health food now. A neutral should get along with every color in the fan deck, and this one is like the nicest girl in the sixth grade.

Lavender is the new beige. From lilac to amethyst it is an extraordinary neutral and a great unifier – a  soothing, peaceful color that is timeless and like beige everything looks great in it.

Getting Visual

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