Making Minor Adjustments to Bring About Major Changes

minor cures

Minor cures involve adding one of the several kinds of natural chi, to adjust the energy of a place. They are simple, practical and effective. They use the energy of the light, sound, spirit, water, color, movement, weight, bamboo, power, fragrance, touch.

Light Minor Cures

Light can easily add brightness and cheer to an area. The rule is: the brighter the light – the better. Crystal spheres have plenty of Feng Shui functions. They add light, expansion and new energy, they redirect energies, harmonize chaotic flows of energy, empower and attract and look so damn beautiful. Buy the best crystals you can avoid.

Mirrors are an extremely useful tool. They are used in several shapes:

  • Square and Rectangular – symbolizing balance
  • Octangular – denoting power
  • Circular – symbolizing wholeness, oneness, and unity.

Your mirror may add light and brightness, attract new energy to a place, repel negative or harmful chi, redirect an energy flow and so on.

Sound Minor Cures

They stimulate new energy, awaken, arouse and alert. They strengthen the energy of a location, person or Life Area. Also, they provide protection and create harmony, peace, and balance.

Among the Sound,Cures are Wind Chimes, Bells, and Gongs.

Living Cures

They use the energy and vitality of plants, vegetation, and even animals.

  • Plants and flowers add color to your space and symbolize new life and growth. Go out and by a new, fresh, vibrant plant, especially for a Feng Shui cure. Get rid of dried plants.
  • Fish – Aquariums are powerful Feng Shui cures. They bring vitality and stimulate energy flow.

Water Cures

Water represents connection, sustenance, wealth and the flow of life. Humans have always chosen to live near sources of water, but today this is not an easy thing to do. Fountains and waterfalls create a new energy flow in any environment. Ponds and pools represent stored wealth on the property, as well as clarity and depth of knowledge.

Color Minor Cures

Color cures are a powerful way to change a mood or activate the emotions and subconscious mind for success. Color affects every aspect of life.

Mobile Cures

They create new flows of energy and clear stagnation.

Mobile cures are flags and banners, kites, pinwheels, and whirlings.

Weight Cures

They can provide weight or solidity to space, by adding substantial mass or presence to a location, generating feelings of stability and calmness.

Bamboo Cures

Bamboo flutes deliver peace and safety, provide support, ward off evil spirits and drive away negative and scandalous people. It empowers wealth, helpful people, marriage, children, fame, and health.

Powered Cures

These involve electrical objects, appliances, generators or motors. They are used mainly to generate energy or create activity.

Fragrance Cures

They take advantage of your sense of smell – one of the most powerful and evocative senses. High-quality incense and essential oils can improve your health, your mood, and your entire environment.

Touch Cures

They awaken or adjust your energy. Place a green vine around the portal, so each time you pass through your head brushes against the vine and tangibly connects to its symbolic life energy.



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