Feng Shui – Cures

Simply put, Feng Shui cures are ways of changing your life by altering your space. Performing cures changes the flow of energy in your home, shifting the Chi in your surrounding and yourself – to a beneficial and balanced energy state. There are five different types of cures you can implement.

How To Use The Three Phases Of Your Cures

All cures work in two realms – the visible or material, or the invisible or intangible realm.

Phase 1: Setting the intention for the cure.

The first phase of a cure involves deciding what you want to change in your life and why. You examine different aspects of your life: finances, relationships, career, health and so on, and decide which part you most want to improve. You have to have poweful reasons in order to produce dramatic results.

Phase II: Performing the physical cure

It involves making the change in your environment.

Phase III: Reinforcing your intention with spiritual energy.

The combination of intention, action, and reinforcement can create cures with high effectiveness. Feng Shui changes involve your heart and mind, as well as your home and lot.

Creating Your Cures

You have six key methods at your disposaл.

1. Creating positive placement.

This means putting things in their right places or most favorable location – especially items like your bed, desk, and stove.

2. Adding what’s needed

Planting a new tree or constructing a flower bed, or installing a mirror.

3. Repairing, cleaning and changing.

Altering your items at home to improve their energy value – for instance, repairing broken objects and cleaning.

4. Using ceremony to create new energy states.

The ceremony was the first and most powerful human art form and it is still an essential part of human experience. Ceremonies are habits such as putting makeup and perfume before a date or singing the national anthem before each game. Feng Shui ceremonies are energy procedures that change the spirit and feeling of your home’s chi.

5. Making personal Feng Shui adjustments

You can use Feng Shui to adjust not only your living space but also yourself. These personal cures are among the most powerful and direct ways to transform your life. They are “secret solutions.”

6. Employing meditative methods

Cultivating your inner energies and peace of mind through meditation is maybe as important as performing Feng Shui.




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