Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

The Octagon is an instrumental element of Feng Shui Analysis. It enables you to find out how the parts of your home influence the corresponding parts of your life. It is an energetic map, which applies the wisdom of the I-Ching (an ancient book of Chinese knowledge).

The Octagon divides the floor plan in nine parts. Each of these parts or life areas hosts a different energy, corresponding to a special aspect of your life.

The Helpful People Area of the Octagon

Location: Right front

Chinese name: Ch’ien (pronounced chyen)

Colors: Gray, white, and black

Body part association: Head

The Helpful People Area adjustment can improve all your life relationships: acquaintances, partnerships business associates, as well as friendships. This area is also associated with the fortunes of the male members of the family, such as husband, father, son or brother. It also relates to traveling activity of any sort.

The Career Area of the Octagon

Location: Front center

Chinese name: Kan (pronounced kahn)

Colors: Black and midnight blue

Body part association: Ears and kidneys

The Career Area of the Octagon concerns your work, career success, and how you make a living. Performing cures in this Life Area is a great idea if you want to find a better job, get a promotion, have better relationships with your co-workers, or receive increased recognition at work.

The Knowledge Area of the Octagon

Location: Front left

Chinese name: Gen (pronounced guhn)

Colors: Blue, green, and black

Body part association: Hand

Also called the Self-Development Area, the Knowledge Area affects the mental/ inner/spiritual areas of your life. If you desire to become smarter, wiser, or quicker-witted, look here. Because this Life Area is associated with knowledge, information, and insight, it’s also linked with your spiritual/religious life, personal growth, and self-development, so adjusting the Knowledge Area can be very helpful for these parts of your life.

The Family Area of the Octagon

Location: Center left

Chinese name: Jen (pronounced jen)

Colors: Green and blue

Body part association: Foot

The Family Area concerns your family as well as all of your relatives. Family is the Feng Shui area to work on if you seek to resolve interpersonal family conflicts or promote family harmony.

The Wealth Area of the Octagon

Location: Back left

Chinese name: Sun (pronounced shuhn)

Colors: Purple, green, red, and blue

Body part association: Hips

The Wealth Area, also referred to as the Money Area, correlates directly to the prosperity and abundance in your life; it concerns your cash flow and financial status. For financial improvement, focus your attention here.

The Fame Area of the Octagon

Location: Back center

Chinese name: Li (pronounced lee)

Color: Red

Body part association: Eyes

The Fame Area affects fame, acclaim, and public attention. I’m talking about the Hollywood type of fame, complete with paparazzi, talk show appearances, and magazine articles (although harmonizing this Feng Shui space can’t guarantee these results). Yet this Life Area also has a more practical, mundane side. Fame also means your personal reputation. Your personal reputation is determined by how your peers, neighbors, and community see you. Not everyone can be famous, after all. (You didn’t really want to deal with the paparazzi anyway, did you?) Everyone, including you, has a reputation of some kind. Having a good reputation brings many benefits in life; a poor reputation is an obvious stumbling block.

The Marriage Area of the Octagon

Location: Back upper-right

Chinese name: Kun (pronounced kuhn)

Colors: Pink, red, and white

Body part association: Internal organs

The Marriage Area is related to the status of your marriage or relationship with a significant other. If you’re with someone, it affects the quality of your existing relationship; if you’re single, it affects your ability to find a new partner. According to Feng Shui energetics, this Area is associated with the nurturing energy of the Earth and is also connected to the females in the household — the wife, mother, daughters, sisters, and so on.

The Children Area of the Octagon

Location: Center right

Chinese name: Dui (pronounced day)

Color: White

Body part association: Mouth

The Children Area is connected to the health, well-being, and progress of your children. If you’re having trouble conceiving a child, apply Feng Shui cures to this area. The Children Area also affects your creative offspring, whether artistic or otherwise.

The Health Area of the Octagon

Location: Center

Chinese name: Tai Chi (pronounced ty chee)

Colors: Yellow and earth tones

Body part association: Any body part not associated with the other eight Areas

The Health Area of the Octagon is primarily concerned with physical health. Enhance this area with Feng Shui cures if you want to boost your physical vitality and stamina. Because this Life Area’s position is in the center of the Octagon, the Health Area also relates to the self (that’s you!) and affects all parts of your life at once. The Health Area is the hub of the wheel connecting all the different parts of your life; the energies of the other eight Life Areas all pass through and connect to the center.

The Octagon is placed exactly above the wall which contains the front door.


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