The Ancient Chinese Cosmology

ancient Chinese cosmology

There exist four celestial deities, which according to the Chinese, who worship them, transformed into terrestrial landforms, which offer protection and security. The Crimson Bird, The Azure Dragon, The White Tiger, The Black Turtle – the four defending spirits.

All ancient societies worshipped the heavens, envisioning their Gods, guardians and clan ancestors as the configuration of celestial bodies. For the most part, these star-patterned deities were represented in animal form and called totems. They were worshipped in exchange for protection. The word “totem” described a clan’s emblem – an animal or object with which a group feels special affection and attachment.

Besides being associated with a direction the bird, dragon, turtle and tiger landforms correspond to a season, a five-phase color, and a yin and yang polarity.

  • The Crimson Bird or Phoenix represents the South, summer, the color red and Yang Chi. It is also known as Phoenix. It brings happy opportunities.
  • The Azure Dragon represents the East, spring, the color green and Yang Chi. It is considered to be the patron of the material success – prosperity, status, authority, and power. The Azure Dragon is the highest symbol of good and luck.
  • The White Tiger represents the West, autumn, the color white, and Yin Chi. The White Tiger is a female principle. It brings great success.
  • The Black Turtle represents the North, winter, color black and Yin Chi. It symbolizes support, stability, and longevity, it raises the level of life.

Symbolically the four terrestrial creatures can represent buildings. The dragon is symbolized with tall buildings or trees around the home. You will stimulate it if on the opposite side you plant bushes or make a fence. The tiger stand against the dragon, therefore they should be balanced. Practically: tall buildings on the left mean low bushes on the right. The turtle keeps the back of the home and gives protection. Symbolically it is expressed as a fence, summer-house, mound.

The ideal situation according to Feng Shui in city circumstances, unfortunately, is almost inapplicable.

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