blind date
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A Blind Date

On a blind date one of two possible scenarios can take effect. Both individuals like each other, they go for…

attention to details
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Attention To Details

Who pays attention to details? Artists and writers do. Creators do. Everyone should pay attention to details. Why? For the…

fairy tale cake
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Alpha Gem’s A Fairy Tale Cake

A lavish fairy tale cake with golden ornaments, an experiment with white and red roses, all symbolical for love and…

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Alpha Gem and Money

Money makes the world go round…that clinking, clanking sound; it makes the world go round… An Alpha Gem character once…

shabby chic kitchen
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Shabby Chic Kitchen

Everything is in the details. This shabby chic kitchen has got beautiful fonts on the boxes for pets food and…

kids room
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Kids Room

“For I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me.” Winnie, The Pooh Shades of gray,…

Alpha Gem
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Alpha Gem Culture

Year 222 of the Age of Aquarius, Alpha Gem In the Milky Way, in the constellation of Gemini, there lies…

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These are the colors most of us want to come home to. A whole rainbow of whites. Off-whites, creamier and…

the energies of the five elements
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The Energies of the Five Elements

The Energies of the Five Elements

minor cures
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Making Minor Adjustments to Bring About Major Changes

Minor cures involve adding one of the several kinds of natural chi, to adjust the energy of a place. They…

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Feng Shui – Cures

Simply put, Feng Shui cures are ways of changing your life by altering your space. Performing cures changes the flow…

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Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

The Octagon is an instrumental element of Feng Shui Analysis. It enables you to find out how the parts of…

ancient Chinese cosmology
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The Ancient Chinese Cosmology

There exist four celestial deities, which according to the Chinese, who worship them, transformed into terrestrial landforms, which offer protection…

color theory
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Color Theory

The greatest challenge in color design is to be able to predict and control the results of a color scheme….

principles of feng shui
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Principles Of Feng Shui

Learning About The Principles of Feng Shui Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice –  a practice of balancing…