Behavior That’s Getting You What You Want


Believe in yourself

Not that you are the best, not necessarily, but believe you are truly blessed to have and to hold what’s in your life. Your life can be pure perfection when viewed on the inside, and that’s the disposition you need to manifest anything you hope for. Inner balance is needed for renewal and tapping in the positive energy the world constantly suggests to you. Everything that affects you is in your power, and you are able to step in the best reality every single moment. You are a powerful, amazing human being with beautiful potential and godliness. Realizing that leads you directly to heaven – the life you dream of.


Basically, your mind does not discern between what happens while you are dreaming and what actually happens in your life. So through daydreaming, you can feed your mind perceptions of self-realization and completeness. Consider the things you want and how you will employ them. If you want 400 pairs of shoes, where are you going to put them, where you are going to wear them? Why will it make you feel more posh and seductive? Think big, as if you have everything in the world.


Spare a dollar a day, if you want to get those shoes eventually. If you want to lose weight – photograph your daily intake and consider how good it is for your health, and how you can improve your lifestyle in general. Life is movement, constant change and that’s the refreshing and fascinating thing in it. What to do? Do something! You are smart and genuine, you deserve better.

Wanting What You Get

Good auld saying: You can like the life you’re living; you can live the life you like. Most people strain for the second, but the wisest know better. It’s much lovelier to be fond of your achievements than be in constant suffering for the things you still don’t have. You are going to get them anyway.

Give A Chance To People Who Want It

That’s the greatest secret for relationships. Don’t chase people, who distaste you. Look around for sincere friends. Leave your PC for a while and get to know these really cool people, who from time to time inform you that they are your family. Every person is a unique and beautiful snowflake. A good chess-player can always promote a pawn to the rank of a queen. Instead of chasing the unreachable, stick out with people who are really handy. Appreciate them and invest in your connection. When they flock to you, the attention you are seeking will not be late as well.
There is a short story by Fitzgerald called: “Burnice bobs her hair” in which the socially hopeless Burnice agrees to let her cousin Marjorie to turn her into a society girl. Burnice is taught how to hold interesting conversations and how to handle the “sad birds” – those who are not among the most popular boys. Clumsy guys, Marjorie says, are the best dancing practice. A woman should be able to follow them and look gracious.

What Burnice fails to realize, that she had also been a “sad bird.” Some makeup, pickup lines, such as “Do you believe I should bob my hair?” have turned her into a princess. So one should never underestimate outsiders in their search for friends. Stick to the helpless, stick to the poor, come together…

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