But What If You Have A Really Nice Pair Of Shoes?


Fashion and ladies. It’s the eternal love story. “I’m keeping quite the collection – take nothing less than perfection! Cowboy boots – cowboy boys!…” Your attire is inevitably a part of your confidence as a woman. Confidence is omnipotent. The building of confidence is not an esoteric or mystical experience. Your appeal and your appearance are related.  It is true that the right pair of shoes can make you a more powerful woman. Dolling up actually improves you in a profound way.

Their Story

First was Cinderella, then – Sex and the City. People have been fond of shoes since ancient times – the high heels were actually invented in Egypt in 3500 B.C. They were worn by the nobility, while the lower class went barefoot. In ancient Rome high heels were used to identify people within the sex-trade. Throughout the history of mankind, shoes were a measure of class and affluence.

When you try on any part of clothing, your brain releases dopamine – one of the hormones of happiness – it is similar to smoking a pipe or taking a drug. Why high heels? Since we, the human species tend to associate height with power and authority. Shoes look to women and designers like sculptures. Stilettoes are also intensely sexy.  They give their owner a jolt of joy when she puts them on.Men lust after them like women do.

It’s real love!

Probably the best promotion of shoes I have seen was several years ago in a shoe store in the capital. All the goods were put neatly in boxes, one could not preview. On the boxes were written only their prices – ranging from $100 to $500 and one really, really felt like opening the boxes with the costliest shoes. But why is one tempted to buy a pair of shoes, which costs her entire salary?  Women believe they magically transform them into better versions of themselves. No guilt – she has got to have them! Symbols of wealth and good taste, prestige, comfort, status – expensive shoes are worth the money.

Arbiter Elegantiarium

Petronius, the Arbiter of Elegance from Ancient Rome sent to his unfaithful lover а pair of sandals, embroidered with pearls – in his love language, this meant: “Go away!” What a classy way to dump somebody, I am in love!



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