Names Of Endearment In Songs



But baby, it’s cold outside!

Bang, bang – my Baby shot me down.

Baby Jane – don’t leave me hanging on the line.

Baby, can I hold you tonight?

Ooh, Baby, I love your way!

Bye, bye baby

Cry Baby

Baby, Don’t Go

Baby Come Back

Happy, happy birthday, Baby

Abie, baby

Hey, Baby

Baby Love

Baby, Baby

Baby, it’s you!

Sugar baby love



Honey, honey

Someone loves you, Honey

Funny Honey

Kiss me, honey, honey, kiss me!

Sugar, oh honey, honey, you are my candy girl…
I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you…


Oh, Darling…


That’s amore.

Dove L’Amore

Ti Amo

Mon Amour, mon ami


Girl, you’ll be a woman soon…

Ah, Girl!

My little China girl!

Liberian Girl

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