A Trader of Dreams II

trader of dreams

Venus felt as if she had just tasted a sour apple. Her happy face immediately lost its glow, and she began to look almost ordinary. A trader of dreams didn’t wish her! She was a Goddess of Love she wanted everyone who saw her to desire her. Men immediately fell for her golden curls, but in the face of beautiful women, she sometimes found serious competition. Especially the true, faithful, eternal love often stood in her way to the most attractive mortals. So, this Dream Trader would prefer his flame, regardless of the dignities of the Love Goddess? That made her feel neglected and offended. It also immediately helped to focus and retain her interest.

Now we have a neglected Love Goddess. It turns out she is primordially predictable. Such a flat character for a Goddess of Love… Instead of depicting her as an irresistible, beautiful personality, the first thing the reader learns about her heart is her accessibility – Her Divine Excellency is actually an easy catch.

She was now focused on the heir to the White Palace throne in a special way. For even though she had a husband and a lover among the Olympian Gods, the greatest attraction to Venus was still found in the hearts of men, she couldn’t have. The prince was one resolute, willful man, talented – one could say just by looking in his eyes. He was not just a sailor, he was a captain. Gods and men knew that the Great Goddess was of easy virtue. She flaunted her dignities on the Bright Olympus, and she didn’t care that the other Goddesses were trying hard to compromise her. Oh, she was such a romantic creature, this Goddess of Beauty and Love! Prince Johnny at his 21st year was the best view in the world. So, she was fond of him immediately and at the revelation that he was craving for some mortal woman – a surprising jealousy pierced her straight in the heart.

Boy meets girl. Girl wants boy. Boy wants some other girl. It happens. It happens more often than you imagine. But what if the neglected girl is no other but the Goddess of Beauty and Love herself? Fire and brimstone, that’s what!

For what was this mortal woman compared to Venus, who walked as if three men were walking behind her? Everyone was courteous when they met her, and when people lifted their hats, she smiled and her eyes sparkling in blue returned the gestures. Venus was really a great Goddess, and her people were so happy and advanced, that it regularly and readily celebrated her with various cultural events. Certainly, a Goddess like this will be able to win the sincere admirations of any mortal, but in this very case, Venus remained insecure, for this man was a little depressed because of another woman.

Here the Goddess is swimming in her own waters. She is not simply tolerated; she is celebrated and loved, and popular among the folks on Alpha Gem. When she walks into the market, and she is not dressed as a beggar, people withdraw from her way and greet her. She is respected and adored, that’s the entire attitude she’s used to.

So she was less shiny, and her eyes a little restless and her beauty less convincing. This happened to the Goddess of Love when someone did not adore her. This was the reason she hated Hypnos so much, for he only lusted after her and it was hard for her to shine in his presence. It wasn’t divine and it wasn’t manly for him to behave like this. Venus was going to give him a lesson, even if she had to snatch that pendant from his very attractive owner.

Now, she’s so angry with the guy, she imagines snatching his pendant and running away like a little thief. But she will give it up, otherwise, she will make a terrible impression on our reader.

Venus would have ordered summer wine, but she wasn’t actually into snatching people’s stuff. She had to convince him.

“Hypnos has got a magical mirror where he sees the entire world. That’s the reason I am trotting around dressed as a beggar, otherwise, we will not be able to surprise him. May be if you put him to sleep, we will be able to find your true love.”

But why would the Love Goddess want to help him find his true love in case she is fond of him herself? Well, there could be several reasons:

  1. She is the Goddess patronizing all the enamored couples in the world. That’s her specialty and vocation.
  2. She simply wants to convince him to follow her, then she will try something else.
  3. I didn’t think of anything but there is…

So we go with the reason, which would make the character look more authentic: Punishing Hypnos is what’s on her mind more than seducing Johnny. Whatever Venus wants, Venus gets…

After sunset two black hooded figures went out from the portal to the Great Olympus, where the festivities had just ended and only the song of crickets was sound-tracking the peaceful night. The Great Olympian Gods were pranksters, not criminals, so they often left their doors open at night. Venus and Johnny took off their shoes and silently walked in socks towards peacefully sleeping Hypnos. Johnny whispered some words into the pendant and placed it extremely carefully on Hypnos’s third-eye, careful not to awaken him. “Dream a dream, from which your soul will have no riddance.” – he said to the sleeping God. Then they took the magical mirror and left Hypnos’s chamber silently in their socks.

Now the socks…and them creeping into Hypnos’s realms like Denis, the Menace… could anything be more cheesy and unnatural? A too simplified dream ritual, anyone can do this – there is no need to study in the University of Providence for 5 years, to whisper a few words. It shouldn’t be so easy. Hypnos might wake up during the ritual and give them a terrible time. They might first try the dream ritual on little animals like they do in the beauty industry. It’s just so simplified…as if it is not happening at all. It can’t be so easy to make Venus happy! Rewrite this part!

Venus felt like celebrating, and when she was like this, she became cuddly, so she was about to throw herself in Johnny’s embrace. He was a bit startled and offered her to shake her hand instead. That was the end of it! The Great Goddess felt so insulted, and fickle as she was, she left Johnny with the magic mirror and took a French leave, and Johnny somehow found himself teleported on the Bright Side’s port one more time…after what seemed like a rather peculiar dream, plus an omnipotent mirror.

Venus was actually asking to be embraced, not with verbal instructions but with her entire body of a sensual woman. She wanted to celebrate her victory with an innocent kiss. The reader does not know, but Venus is pure as a snowflake, and that is what allures men even more. The moment she touches you, you are doomed! She shook his hand, he is probably enamored, but they did not part well…those two. At least she left him with the magical mirror, even though it is not certain what he will do with it. In one version of the story, I had her leave with the mirror…that would have been nasty and inconsiderate.

On the next day, Venus was arranging her golden curls in front of the looking-glass (you know, her most natural occupation), when she heard roaring laughter around the entire Olympus. All the Gods had gathered around Hypnos’s bed. He was sound asleep, snoring and dreaming well…steamy scenes with Venus. Her nipples…well…It turned out that this was the dream, from which he had no riddance. The Bright Olympian Gods had gathered in his bedroom, sitting on heavy wooden chairs, brought exactly for the case and munching on popcorn,(like in a movie theatre) while witnessing Venus’s allurements, in the hands of the horny Hypnos, who on top of it seemed happier than when he was awake. The Great Daughter of Zeus was enraged.  – Wake up! – she pushed the excited God… but that didn’t even change his blissful smile.

Who would expect?  Well, I expected, this is why I made her get rid of the Dreamer fast, and now she’s going to need his help again since Hypnos cannot really be awake… from the spectacular dream of Venus’s vitiation.

“Okay, this is not as bad as being with him in reality, let him dream.”

She rose in front of the Olympian Gods, two of which were mad with jealousy, and stated:

“That’s just a dream! It isn’t for real. Stop laughing!”

But the Gods were amused.

Such misfortune! No one listens to poor Venus. Even Bacchus and Mars are beginning to smile at Hypnos’s advances in the dream. Now the dream is not described, but we know a little about this goddess and we know why she will find it offensive and that will reduce her to tears.

Venus went out of Hypnos’s palace with her eyes swollen with tears. She hated him even more, because of him she was compromised, she was humiliated and he destroyed her reputation of a Goddess, for years to come. She was a villain in her own story and that hurt like hell. She was left at the mercy of the dream trader, who wasn’t much into her. It all hurt in a terrible way – putting Hypnos to sleep for a couple of hours had been the biggest mistake of her life so far. Now, she was going to have to walk among the Olympian Gods veiled, and the Goddesses would use every chance to mock her. She was whimpering in bed, when Mars, her jolly and martial husband entered the room.

  • I am humiliated – she moaned.

Mars is going to console his Beloved wife. She feels like an antagonist in her own story, and she is a great being! It’s not the first time Venus looks like a starlet in the eyes of the Olympian Gods, but all of them know she is incredible. She will whine in his hands a bit, and return to herself, warmed by his powerful love and devotion. Then she will go back to the movie scene and she will say to the Olympian Gods:

“I want to apologize to everyone. I put Hypnos to sleep, and I hoped he will finally understand why I can’t bear his presence. Things turned out to be worse than I expected. I can no longer be a Goddess of Love, I am giving this right up since I have become soiled by Hypnos’s Dream. I am inconsolable and I will leave the Bright Olympus. I will go to live in the enchanted forest of the Dark Side. I will become a troll…”

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