How to Act Like You don’t Care?

Sometimes we fall for people, who seemingly do not care. Sometimes you’ve had enough and you want to return the favor – of neglect. You want to thank – for all the joy and pain, and you want to keep your heart beating, regardless of the humiliation. In such cases, it is favorable for you, if you can pretend that you do not really mind…

Avoid eye-contact. Eyes have their way of talking to each other…chances are yours will flow with tears, well does he really deserve this? Always look one meter about him, as if he is invisible.

Smile often and smile to everybody else, but him. Don’t sit around with disturbance depicted on your face. Tension is critically bad for your beauty. Relax the face muscles, don’t look around in hesitation, forget the spasmodic smile, be natural, shine!

Spare him from your attention. Go on a luxury vacation to a country, where love reigns and find real people who delight in you and give them your attention.

Go treat yourself. Is there something that cannot be overcome with a slice of hot pizza and a bottle of Angelo Poretti, and a lot of hot chili sauce? You are going to forget about everything in the world, especially in a pleasant company.

Surround yourself with people. Nice, smart, fascinating people, who make you happy. Spend a lot of time with guys who actually like you. Even if you don’t flirt with them, they have their unique ways to make you happy, for they are so fond of you. You need an army of suitors around you. They not only serve as distraction, they raise your mood and your self-attitude. Really, they are good for your soul.

Focus on doing distracting stuff. Dance, write, paint, walk, lose 5 kilos, I am pretty serious, unrequited love helps in losing weight. It kills your appetite. You eat only to survive.

Do not follow him around. This behavior is very tempting since when you want him, you want to know his whereabouts. But that’s stalking! Forget about stalking if you are willing to have even just a trace of dignity. He will spread the rumor in your entire kingdom, for that’s what Men do.

Don’t cry for Louie. Louie wouldn’t cry for you.

Don’t speak about him. To anybody! Rumors spread fast, and the traitors are everywhere. Although, as a matter of fact, everybody is already informed and alarmed that you like the guy. That’s what Men do. What is left to you is to sit quietly in the corner, looking ashamed at your shoes. Don’t do this! You deserve better!


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  1. But if you have a pair of realy great shoes…

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