Are These Writings Based on Real Experience?

real experience

Yes, they are and no, they are not. A writer naturally uses his real experience as well as his prolific imagination. I could claim that my characters are partially based on people I know, who inspire me.

But why LoveBooklet is the Lady’s Emotional Encyclopedia? I use my mental faculties to speak from my entire, personal experience in answering the questions, which certain psychological situations create. When I cannot answer the questions from experience – yes, I do research. There is a sea of information out there – but what I am trying to do is to provide unique content and true value, in the form of facts and fiction.

When this blog was younger, I tried different formats to keep my audience entertained. I found out that each miracle lasted only for three days, and then, I had to surprise my readers again! The creative juices kept flowing and flowing…

Here’s the story of my blog.

December, 2016

It came to life in the end of November, 2016. Christmas was coming, so during the holiday season, I created all things Christmassy – from cards to a comic book about Snow-White and Maya the Witch, which is available for free in my store at

I also planned for the next year a book for children – All About Christmas. Well, Christmas is coming and I haven’t prepared it… but I feel it’s going to be a blast!

January, 2017

January came and greeted cordially, and Lady F was already dealing with Astrology. Delving deep into it, I made wonderful cards to help the learners of this craft. I created my second comic book about the Signs of the Zodiac, who were presented as humans living in the First House and expecting the planets as guests. I also created stories about the different Sun Signs and their sexual compatibility. I had a lot of fun. One of my decisions was to participate in Skillshare, sharing my skills in Astrology. But then, a very sensitive person told me I have no skills in Astrology. “When did you become a gypsy” – he asked, “and when did your bottom become black?” So I had to give this vocation up and I focused on my blog.


The Theme I chose was “Dating and Sex,” because of the holiday of the Enamored. This theme is still very well developed in my blog, it’s one of the eternal themes. Sex sells and this month I was going to teach people how to make other people happy. It has got a total of 40 very good articles on human relationships.


In March 2017 I had to show my fellow followers that, indeed, life without Internet was possible and desirable.

Truth is I could not get away from the computer, and then I realized it’s my latest addiction. March passed by and nothing fancy happened to me – I worked a little. In the middle of March, I came out with a beautiful short tale about several Enamored Gods, which was going to be a prelude to one of my major novels – Enamored Venus. However, I did not discover life without Internet – it is still something that I have to do in the future.


April was the month for writers and about writing. All the stuff a young author should know was to be gathered in those warm April days. It turned now, that I lack the know-how…besides, my family was criticizing me: “Who is going to read about writing, who is interested in it?” All in all, I managed to write 5 articles, and I am leaving the rest for the next of April. I wanted to cover the writing craft extensively. But I was unprepared for it.


My focus was already on advertising the books I am writing. May passed by in leisure… The topic of the blog was health and wellness…it had to do with all the stuff the female gender employs to excel in appearance. It turned out that was not my field as well, at least not yet. I am leaving my beauty routine for the next year. Now that I think about it, it is actually a great subject.


June came with a very fancy idea – Travel Cards. All the places beautiful were to be “visited” and described by Lady F…Well, it was hard to travel in my mind, at least harder than I previously thought. Actually, the spring went by in a sort of creative slumber. I was tempted to use 400 texts I had written on the subject of travel, but I do not believe they exhaust the subject. Project Travel, the beauty of the world would have helped my blog well, had I been able to focus on it.

At the end of June, the subject went random, although I tried to focus on writing for the second time. Writing really stirs my passions. At that time I came up with the thought that I need an editorial calendar.


When Travel Project went wrong, I felt a little insecure. I realized that the problem was, I was not really passionate about the subjects, but had I been more devoted, oh, my blog will turn out to be the beauty and excellence I know it can be. So that month, it went under the hat: “Lady F’s Passions” – a much broader subject, but nevertheless very entertaining.


August passed…like a dream… and without a hat with the writing of 4 short stories…a very fancy project for a true writer. Now, I am focused on human psychology, and that will be the subject on September.

Now my next ambition is to publish at least 44 very good articles under each of these month themes. Subjects tick close to my heart. What makes a blog special is the Love the blogger gives away in it. The ability to give love away always depends on personal experience. So, yes, all of these are related to me.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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