A Trader Of Dreams

a trader of dreams

A Trader Of Dreams

The ship was heading to the portal as fast as the wind…Just ahead of it there were the two columns of ocean water, standing in an improbable way, glittering in the sunlight. Seagulls were circling around them with maddening screams of delight. Like an oasis in the midst of the horizon, the portal of the Bright Side hoisted, and those who hadn’t seen it stood in absolute awe, and then roared with rapture. Faster and faster, the ship entered the portal and embarked on the smaller planet in the orbit of Alpha Gem carrying among his passengers a trader of dreams.  This heavenly land was called The Bright Side, the planet of the Olympian Gods, their pride, and beauty, and glory.

I, as a lover of depictions, happen to like the portal to the Bright Side extremely much. However, a reader might ask a lot of stuff – as in – what exactly is the Bright Side? The Bright Side is one of the two smaller planets, which circle Alpha Gem and are patronized by Gods who live on Alpha Gem, and the inaccessible Olympus, where the Greek and Roman Pantheon are glorified. The portals on Alpha Gem and both planets are protected by inexorable guards. Not everyone is allowed to pass through such portal, it’s a rare blessing. They are protected and very hard to find.

Both sailors and passengers were thrilled by the journey when they stepped on the bountiful land of the Bright Side. The captain, who had bargained the map from a relentless guard, was so proud as if he himself had designed the portal. People believed that by passing through the portal from Alpha Gem to the Bright Side one achieves luck, good fortune and prosperity.

However, one of the passengers looked so poor, as if he was carrying all his belongings in the bag of his shoulders and he didn’t have a single care in the world.

His bearing gently tilted to the left and to the right and he was wearing a simple black hooded mantle to cover his robust figure, his café-espresso colored eyes and who knew he had such curls, and such a bright smile that could lead a woman to madness. He had hidden all these allurements well – the only adornment he obviously owned was a pendant, which changed its colors at every beating of his noble heart, and was a clear sign of his trade. He leaned on a tree and started gazing at the people who were shuttling around in the lavish port market.

The misfit of the extremely handsome man gives the reader a sense of secrecy and mystery around the character. The first thing we learn about him is that he is not vain, and he is actually adorned with his intellect and a magical item, which expresses his vocation.

People on this planet were seemingly involved with what they loved. They sold flavoring herbs and spices, colorful scarfs, hookahs, strong coffee, and probably the most decadent underwear our hero had seen…he looked to the side…his pendant flaring in scarlet.  While he was immersed in thinking about how great the flashy panties would look next to the skin of the one woman he adored, the sweetest bell voice addressed him.

“Young man, you are dressed exceptionally inappropriately for selling dreams on this planet.” – announced the voice, and turned his attention to a curvy female figure who was dressed exactly like him, as if they were twins.  

On the Bright Side planet, people are affluent and prosperous, which means that the Olympic Gods take good care of them. However, they don’t have a single care in the world as well…maybe we should make them care. They live their lives graciously as swans, nothing ever coming their way, for the Gods wouldn’t allow it. But then, they should be in trouble, such as they are under a constant threat from the Dark Side…

“I am messing with you!” the woman continued. “Verily, the people on the Bright Side tend to wear their festive clothes. What matters is, I have been looking for a master like you for a long time! I see the pendant and I know with certainty that you are a seller of dreams. Have you been well prepared for this art?”

A seller of dreams, now what would that be? He’s got a magical pendant, he probably has got a secret ritual in which to employ it, and he manages to give sweet dreams to his customers.

He was numb with surprise and it took him a minute to gather himself together. He cleared his throat and claimed in the most virile of voices.

Obviously, the female form is attractive even only with her voice. Here we learn that he has got a wonderful voice as well. Their first meeting is like an anonymous phone call.

“Greetings to you as well, Madame. I have a decent degree in Dream- Selling; I have graduated the University of Providence in the country of Eureka. How can I be of help?” – asked Johnny who somehow didn’t sense a brilliant bargain, but was ready to serve in any case.

The woman looks rather poor. However, he is a noble one, and she seems like a damsel in distress.

“You see, I said, I’ve been in a lot of trouble. There’s this guy who is lusting after me…  Every time I meet him he talks about how my nipples… well, he is such a nuisance. I keep receiving flowers, parrots, bonbons, and his portrait – beautiful stuff except the latter.  I have no peaceful moment. He couldn’t learn the insolent auld lout. Needless to say, I’d be very happy if – well you heard my case, what can you suggest?”

 “There is hardly anything more terrible for a woman than an insolent suitor. Still, I am not quite certain what I can suggest.”

Insolent Suitors.

Most hateful creatures to ever roam the worlds. They are trying hard to impress you the entire time, they are ready to do anything, even if you emit signals that they are terribly undesired. They misunderstand and keep hoping, and they make their lives miserable, and then it’s all your fault. They keep saying stuff such as: “I did not stand a chance!” “I am sure that you will bestow on me the chance to deserve you.” – and even sicker stuff.

“Let us go and have a cup of coffee.” – she commanded politely. Followed by him, she pushed her way through the crowd with her catlike bearing. They sat in the corner of an intimate café. The woman ordered two coffees, the way the Turkish people prepare it. There she stated her case one more time.

“He’s always messing in my affairs. Needless to say, I’d be very happy if he could fall asleep in the same dream, from which there is no riddance. Just to punish him and teach him a lesson.”

The woman is a little cruel. That does not resonate with her attractive tender voice. She shouldn’t be hating the guy so much. May be if she just meant to play pranks on the man that would have been more reasonable. But she hates his guts.

“But, alas, to give such a dream to a third party would be highly illegal, I am sure you understand. I would recommend a psychologist for your case.” – He reasoned.

This makes me smile.Our character suggest that his customer should go to some shrink, to help her discover and solve her problems. Nay – she has a better idea – she’s going to bribe the man.

“If you choose to help me out, I will give you one hundred golden Olympic coins – enough to spend your life in luxury.”

“Lady, you are quite bounteous for your modest attire. But I am disinterested in luxury since I’ve had my share of it. I am a decent and honest master of Dreams.”

The man has seen it all. He wants clean consciousness. She knows nothing about him and the way he was raised. Money cannot buy Johnny, the dream trader.

“Ask me. Ask me to fulfill your most burning desire.” And the woman took off the hood, and her glistening golden curls spread on her shoulders.  

Needless to say, as she is revealing her true and devastating beauty, the woman is hoping that his most ardent desire would be her kiss. She knows she has this effect on men, so she thinks she has already bought him.

Johnny saw his pendant changing shades of bright pink and red so quickly, that he felt a little bashful of his reaction. Her uncanny beauty, her bell timber, her hair, and her fragrance described in many myths – yes, the woman in front of him could be no other than the Golden-Curled Venus, the Patron of the Bright Side.

He recognizes the Love Goddess and that causes certain effects in his heart. She gives people such reactions. But soon our dream-trader will come to himself and it will be his turn to make use of his heavy charms.

“What a time has set in – the Bright Olympian Goddess has to ask help from the mortals!”

“Yes,” the Great Goddess smiled benevolently and showed a perfect row of pearl white teeth. “I would like to see the man I am talking to.” – she commanded.

Johnny took the hood off with an impatient gesture of a soldier and looked her straight in the eyes, and it was Venus’s turn to become numb with amazement. She didn’t verbalize her thoughts at the sight of his heavy curls and his eyes colored in coffee espresso. “You must be a nobleman!” she caught herself whispering.

I very much like the way he gets rid of his hood, absolutely certain in the effect that will produce. He is a true nobleman, and a very attractive young man, who knows a lot about women.

“I haven’t been a nobleman for several months now. I am a Dream-Trader and I pride myself on that achievement, more than the fact that I was born to the royal family of my country. Forgive me, I didn’t believe in the Olympic Gods until now. Love is so grand that I can’t consider a single entity, even a legendary one to be fully responsible for it. But I see the loveliness of the Bright Side, where mortal people seem to take it easy. I also see a woman wonderful, a true Goddess. That I cannot deny.”

The Dream Trader is being a little manipulative, like an experienced man, he gives her the eye, he teases her, he compliments her and her realm. But who is Venus, except for her appearance, the reader does not still know.

“A woman wonderful whose biggest problem is an insolent suitor. Honestly, I hate the guy. He is lusting after me from the moment I was born out of the sea foam.” 

“It’s a beautiful way to come to life” – Johnny sighed in appreciation.

There’s something about her, he dares to admit to himself. She is something else. But what would he be to her, the Goddess of Love and Beauty but an insolent suitor?

“It’s unbearable. He keeps on plotting against me with fellow Gods, he keeps following me around, I am a busy Goddess and I cannot deal only with him and his affairs. He must learn!

I wonder if she’s stern enough. Did she describe in detail what he did to make her so irritated? Should I invent the situations or borrow them from my novels? Did I show that the God of Dreams was really insolent, and did I depict him in many situations in which he hit on Venus and almost violated her, undependable of her feelings or the lack of them?

“Now, promise me your help and ask me” – Venus beamed and the well-arranged curls of her hair shined like heavy gold – ask me to fulfill your greatest desire!”

“To be honest, I decided to become a dream master for a very exotic reason. Awake and asleep I dream of the same woman. Her gaze is thirsty, her smile is angelical, and her voice, if you would allow me, tinkles more gently than a bell. She always claims: “I am in love with you, please find me…” and then she disappears. “Please, find me…” So I left my home, and my throne to look for her, and here I am roaming about the marshlands of the world as a troll, helplessly in love, not knowing even by which name to call her.”

What a slap in the face of the Love Goddess! She was most certain he would do anything for her kiss…and she was teasing him… now here’s a mortal, who can resist her…what is she going to do?!

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