If There Be Sorrow

“If There Be Sorrow
Let it be
For things
To these add one:
Love withheld

For is there something more beautiful, more compelling than the devoted heart? Sometimes, when you are so overwhelmed with someone, you dare speak not your cravings, but still, he rules your every awaken moment. It is like you are placed under a magical spell, your heart resonates with the heart of another. You dream of a blissful union. You confess your love every second of every day, but only in your thoughts, and you wonder if he can hear you telepathically. To you he looks like a solemnly ornamented Christmas tree, you dare not venture near, lest you should influence its perfect beauty. Every word of his is a balm for your mind. He can buy your forgiveness with one smile. You can speak about him practically forever, and you admire everything about him. But you dare not admit your love since his rejection will smite you. You only gravitate around him, with the hope that some day of the eternity, his beautiful eyes will pause at you.

His talents are divine. Honey spills from his lips. He is an inspiration to your heart. You can explain your love to him forever, but very silently when you are all by yourself. He is part of your dreams, forever.

He came in your life to stay.

The feeling you are a part of someone, the feeling of belonging, the feeling that you have met in past lives and have hurt each other terribly from love is the best feeling there is. It’s good to meet your good fellows, the mates of your soul. You will recognize them by the touch. His touch sends you directly to heaven. Dreams of him entangle in your hair as you sleep. You feel like there is no life without him.

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone!


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