Meeting Your Ex

Why meeting your ex sucks?

Meeting your ex is not the best of experiences. Normally, there is this bitterness between you – both of you feel screwed in some way, you are prone to nag at each other for various reasons…You are even inclined to mocking him especially if he is genuinely open with you and you are afraid both of you can baffle again. Your ex is actually the one person in the world, who has no compassion for your poor nerves.

Especially if one of you both is not entirely over it yet, it can be very inconvenient to meet that person…And if you have been genuinely hurt, you do not feel like even waving at each other. You make angry eye-contact and you pass by, as if he doesn’t exist. Meeting him makes you feel defensive like a hedgehog. No, you will not let him into the holy cloister of your heart again, so that he may wipe your feet with your dreams, again!


You can not be friends with your ex.


As one beautiful song goes:

“You want to be a good acquaintance to me… how should I understand this? Palms which melted merged from passion, to hardly hello each other. Looks which drank each other thirstily, to concentrate slightly, lips which burned mercilessly to whisper fondly…No we cannot be good acquaintances. There is no mediocrity in love.  We have been closest and from now on – we will be most foreign in the world.”

One of the reasons people break up is because they lose trust in each other. Losing trust is something almost irreversible, and requires abundant and selfless gestures to overcome it. Usually, lovers separate with ruthless wrath and anxiety in their hearts. They do not wish to turn back, because the break-up has been a lot of pain, and they do not want to expose their hearts to this influence one more time, unless they are really evolved spiritually.


But then this is one person in the world you have let in your heart at some point and shouldn’t that mean something? Isn’t there another way to break up?

Well if you really want to feel good about yourself do what Petronius, the Arbiter of Artful Taste did – he actually sent to his ex hetera a pair of slippers, adorned with diamonds, which in his love language meant “Walk away!”

Isn’t there still another less expensive way to break up?

Yes, and it is reserved for really smart and spiritual people.

While meeting your ex for the last time, you may fondly kiss her forehead and tell her: we completed our missions to each other, and I will be your friend forever. And if you see a little tear in the corner of her eye, you should abide this promise. In this case being each other’s ex is a privilege for both of you have evolved enough to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. You wish each other the best, even though you’ve already had it.


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