What Men Do Women Like?

At least the female point of view…

The Hero

“I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night. He’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast, and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight…”

Yes, this magnificent human male specimen, who makes your nipples hard at the very sight of his masculine form, the one who is always at your rescue, the one who sinks into your panties with simply a look into your eyes…Your naked dream, your wildest fantasy, your urgent need, that you got to find before the night is over and gone…Fire in your veins, he makes you scream his name, when he’s making out with you. He’s the one who sweeps you off your feet, than catches you and whirls you around the space a bit, without breaking anything but with similar power.

How to achieve a hero? Well a hero is produced by repeating and often, that the “male protagonist character” in your life is a “hero,” in Russian a „молодец.“ This gives the man confidence to act as a super hero around you, it boosts his hidden masculine drive. Knowing that he is adored gives the man this special aura of richness, stability and that fairy-tale greatness.

The Romantic

The red rose and the chalice of red wine…The torn lace panties, the petals in your bed. The prince, who follows you around secretly with his heavy blue gaze… The very gaze, which penetrated your heart and made you a woman! The man who knows the feminine secrets of wetness, blissfulness and trust, who knows how to cultivate your feelings, by carrying candies in his pocket, and sweet kisses on his lips…

How do you get a Romantic lover? Well, this sensitive type of lover digs the arts, so go to a gallery, theater show, or a dance class, or in the park, walking your small and curly dog, look out for the man who is lying on a bench and looking at the squirrels in the sky. He also is a connoisseur of good drinks, ranging from red wine to blue Johnny. He loves to open the door for you, so give him that chance. The Romantics are usually very well-mannered.

The Attention Bestower 

I heard that somewhere: the greatest generosity is attention. This man will be genuinely interested in you, anything you do, even the things you are fascinated with. He is very positive about your creativity. He loves to spend time in your company, while immersed in you, he never reveals his enigmatic self. It is as if you are making love to somebody with a Venetian mask on, or whose name you don’t know. He expresses knightly virtues: such as being supportive when you freak out about something absolutely irrelevant, staying balanced, when you say to him, that was the best orgasm ever and saying “I didn’t know that we have started already.” And from time to time, he will openly ask you if there is something that he can do so that you may go to bed calm and satisfied.

He exudes the energy “Everything will be alright tonight…” Somehow you trust him and it’s inherent.

How to obtain the Attention, Bestower? Have a look at your closest friends, no I am serious have a second look. Think of their sexy side, which appeals to other girls, and makes you swallow spit when you are alone with him. And if he asks to touch your bottom, in a casual and affirmative way, do say yes, and after that judge him and appraise him sexually… it might turn out that this is the man you want to have bite at your neck, and spell your name in your ear, and tear at your really nice clothes, and break the walls with you.

The Genius

Everything he does is just so brilliant. And that fascinating mind…that killing sense of humor! The regular violation of your perceptions of the world, done in a love making manner… That lovely divine aura, the lack of the need to impress, combined with the total inability to not impress. You see him everywhere, he has permeated your life to the core. He can make you climax with one look in your eyes. He can subdue you with energy, he can pervade you with the energy of his heart.

How to obtain the Genius? You must state and solemnly: “I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, your desire!” – as this type is not looking for an ordinary relationship but for true divinity. Solemnly, because that will make him laugh really hard, and this is one of the ways to make him turn after you. Once he’s turned after you, expect him to appear on every corner of your life, bringing his exceptional smile and devastating sensuality…in your ardent embrace. Then be ready for all kinds of surprises, because this man has got lots of impromptu tricks up his sleeve.

The Best Friend

This is the man in whose hug you feel absolutely great. You can just lie hugged in an open space and stare at the stars and discuss all kinds of things – global and local. It doesn’t mean that you are not attracted to each other, it means you have something in addition: that lovely personal space that you create together, which takes two. Two enamored doves, who understand the secret language of birds, who love all things heavenly and mundane. You suddenly remember, you have known him in most of your past lives and you delight in him in such a way, that you have arranged to meet him in every life. He is actually your quintessence for happiness.

How to nail the best friend?

Well, for all I know – he could be your ex-boyfriend, you simply haven’t been aware of that, at the time, you have separated and decided to look for “The One.” Then after plenty of “ones” you return to him, and you suddenly, well, it’s really a blast and who knew! Those ardent kisses will evolve in ardent lovemaking, and you cannot believe you have let this person go. Heaven has been reached successfully.

The Spiritually Evolved

Easiest to communicate to, toughest to make a lasting impression on, the spiritually evolved person is the one who holds other people “above the water.” He will give you therapy while he’s chit-chatting with you. But if you toss the coin and turn to his lavish sensuality you might be overwhelmed. He is that type of person, who would literally die from love. Suddenly he is everything your soul needs, your angel of the morning, plus, the man who just bit at your ear without any manners! He is going to keep you surprised and crying from pleasure the entire time.

So, how to get the spiritually evolved?

Be honest. To the core. Be yourself, your most romantic self, show your most feminine and tender side, touch him on the inside, and know, if he begs for a chance, then he means it. Probably he is the most profound experience you can have in terms of extremes he will push you to, extremes of love and laughter, joy and sexual delight. He is the richest palette of sensations you will ever come across.

The Actor

Probably the most sensitive type of all. Sensitivity and sensuality are his strong sides, but he keeps them for himself and his audience. Chances are, a whole herd of women will be after him the entire time, a herd in which the cows will step upon the butterflies…but he will never even try to organize them. For he is looking for realization somewhere else – always. Yet, once you know his fire, you cannot but follow him around with blessings on your mind.

How to get the Actor

Just stay…unreachable and untouchable. The moment you fall for him is the moment you are doomed. His blue eyes will always look slightly above your head, even if you are the same size. But if you manage to suppress your feelings, he will contemplate you…for one of his trophies at the least…and after it’s been a while, you can claim, that it has been worth it, every second of it…the entire life…


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