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Howsoever one maybe enthusiastic about freelancing, it is also an occupation that is very capricious. The main reason for this is the fact that it is irregular like your sex life: you are not going to get any the entire time. That means that your revenues will vary from $50 per day to a total of zero. At times this may seem almost overwhelming. At other times you just feel so lucky! Here is a small handbook on how to survive as a freelancer in the wild, wild jungle of employment.

Some Personal Qualities That Will Help You Get That Job


If you open any job site, you will notice that the jobs are nicely outlined, listing impossible skills and assets, the positions are full of requirements and responsibility, and you are an ordinary human. This seems simply impossible unless you realize that the real reason for these impediments the Human Resources department place in front of the poor candidates actually aim to elect the most self-confident among them. They are prone to adapting and learning faster, they are easier to communicate with and they soon perform their duties excellently. So it doesn’t matter if you speak proper English, it matters if you believe your English is good enough. You should exhale trust and assurance to be a worthy candidate.


Another very important ingredient that is not covered in your CV is enthusiasm. Why? Mind that people like their businesses.  They love to be surrounded by people, who are positive, who think that their managers make brilliant deals. The interests of the company should be immediately your own interests –starting from the interview. You should put in words how happy and blessed you are to be considered for this position.

People Skills

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.  Demonstrate your way of enchanting people on the interview. Apply good etiquette, listen when they speak to you, smile and don’t complain, make eye contact. Most of all – be positive and exhibit curiosity about the job. Don’t forget your manners – they are crucial for first impression. Be kind and friendly, underline your creative assets, be honest and trustworthy, determined and cooperative, flexible and optimistic. You are going to get that job!


As a freelancer, you have to be able to create your own unique and beautiful content. Here are some ideas of content formats that you may use to create hand outs and to impose your business. Give your followers the chance to receive one of these info products as a reward for leaving their e-mail with you… then spam the poor person with the rest of the info-products you create. Chances are, “this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

What Kind of Skills Does The Freelancer Need?

Today’s freelancers are the people who knew the Internet from its birth, and are intimate with their personal computer since then, learning various skills. Since time immemorial – when the hard disks were 1 GB, these people have discovered the incredible opportunities, which the virtual life offers to them. They have become good, they have become really good.


Most freelancers are enthusiastic bloggers. It costs a little money, great effort and a lot of time but it is very rewarding. Building a blog is like looking after a baby – you need a new miracle every three other days to keep your readers interested. At a time, when millions of websites are added to the World Wide Web every day, blogging may seem outdated – but it is not! The most important is to focus on unique content for your readers, you should stand out of the crowd, you should be diligent and constant, and by all means, you will get a stroke of luck.


Describing a product in such a way, that one immediately gets fond of it and wants to have it is called “copywriting.” Copywriting is mainly about telling stories since advertisement relies heavily on the ability to engage the reader or the spectator. You must have in mind your audience, and feed them relevant information. For instance, people want to know if the argan oil you advertise can be used by your grandma, your mother, your bigger sister, and yourself – four generations of beauties. Find fascinating facts, write with passion and you will get lucky.

Writing Ebooks

But how is one to plan an Ebook?  That is not as hard as it sounds. First, you need to have the theme of the book in one word. After that, you go to a title generator WEBSITE and generate 700 titles with that word. You pick twenty of them, which most resonate with you. Your Ebook already has got a plan. All that is left is to research the topics assiduously and write on them in a compelling way.


PowerPoint is the royalty of Microsoft Office, in that it helps create presentations for business or pleasure, and the presentations are rich in pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand words. For a creative person, this program creates wonderful opportunities. It even allows animations and motion pictures in the slides. By using additional programs, the slideshow can be recorded as a movie.


A person, who is familiar with WordPress can create a blog for less than one day. After that they will want to populate the blog with some content – say – five articles can be written in another two days. Voila, your idea is ready to be sold – and the other day I saw someone selling their blogs at this stage for about $200, which is a really good revenue for a time-investment of a couple of days.


For that, you need a drawing tablet and some talent. A platform such as DesignCrowd offers creative competitions to its users: ranging from $70 to $300 for a project. Most often there is a reward for participation, which consoles you with $10, so that you stay motivated for the next challenge. Design Crowd has adopted aggressive marketing strategies and there are hundreds of millions of opportunities for its users, and it grows every single day.

You need a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and GIMP in order to compose your graphic.

E-Cards, Banners, Collages and Memes

You need images, that are royalty free – for instance from Pixabay. Google: Top 10 Copyright Free Image Sources for Bloggers. After you find the relevant images use a program to arrange them in a meaningful way, write some text, choose from thousands of fonts and clipart. You need not use a very complicated program such as Photoshop. Often, Picture Collage Maker will suffice. I have made an impression of a great designer, to some of my customers, using this simple application. Especially if you are imaginative, you will create great designs.

In every job that must be done – there is an element of fun. I presume it is even more so with the jobs of freelancers. You do what you love, you like the life you’re living, does it ever get any better than this? Being a freelancer is the ultimate profession, it opens doors.

P.S. Here is an extensive LIST of websites, which provide the people with various freelance opportunities.


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