11 Common Misconceptions About Love

It has to be requited.

Noooo, it can be just as good as a solitary experience, in some cases even better. You have got this eternal striving force, which fuels all your creativity and you are bursting with emotions, you are an addict. An addict is an ugly word for this state of blissfulness you enter when contemplating him. You have got a true inspiration for living. It’s like you have a happy word which makes your soul levitate, and that happy word is his name.


It’s a scary thing to say I love you.

Even though you feel you will die and go to heaven, or hell, nothing like this will happen to you. As if there is someone sitting on your shoulder and repeating, I only want to tell you that if you admit your love, it’s over with you! Chances are in both cases – rejected or accepted, you will feel much better when they know and the ball is in their hands.


When you speak of love, speak softly

On the contrary! Write on a billboard that you love him! The one thing better than romance is to talk about it to people. Half of the pleasure of a romantic night is to tell about it many, many times on gatherings with friends, on the Internet, in your secret diary… being in love rocks, so share: there is no greater agony, so share the grief; there is no greater wonder, so share the joy! Bring beauty in the lives of others, by expressing your love on many levels.


You can’t love somebody, who is enamored with somebody else.

Bullshit. You love them whatever shit they do. Usually, you need to be a little patient and very positive about his relationship – that makes you practically invincible. At a certain spiritual level of your life, you are beyond getting hurt. You wish to emit energy in his direction, you do not require him to do the same for you. Become a master of your situation. You decide how you feel about him, and in case he’s being really stupid, obnoxious or daft…you are still able to look on the bright side of life. Always.


Looks are most important for sexual attraction.

While he seems to you like the sexiest and most virile man in the world, you feel you can make love to him even if he is embodied in a power pole. He is so beautiful to you, that he needs no features. Yes, his smile and haircut drive you insane. No, you will not want him less if he was 50. Yes, you know every cell of his body. No, you don’t make love to his body – in fact, bodies disappear when you have sex with the person you love. Which makes love a lasting emotion – for bodies are only temporary instruments of the soul.


You have to be like twins.

You can be completely different, still, when I want to repel a man, I tell him: we are different. That usually means I am indifferent to his advances. I refuse to give him my love focus. For I believe in the spark. This is the moment when God says to your heart: you are to love this man, usually for an eternity. That’s the sign that two completely different souls can tolerate each other almost unconditionally. By accepting and celebrating the other, you tame him. A relationship is a thing interesting enough to be tackled forever.


You are not obliged to love his family.

Very wrong! All of us are descended from the love of other people, who matter a lot in our lives. In fact, if you have a troublesome family – you have to work on the relationships with them because your attitude to your Beloved in a while will manifest just in the way you treat those people. They are in your life to have and to hold.  You owe respect and love to the people who raised your man. You should accept them as a family. Everyone he loves deserves your love as well.


It’s raining men. No – it’s raining misconceptions.

Well,…it is…but not the right men. You need a guy who will stand out of the crowd for you. You have to create for him the feeling he is special. He might be ordinary to everyone else, but you do not let them speak a vile word for your handsome deity. You have to praise him and glorify him the entire time because he has given you his grace.


Love is not an action

Well – the greatest generosity people say is attention. You have to cook for him and read aloud your favorite poetry, in the summer you have to prepare garlands and watermelon. You do whatever you can – you knit socks, hats, you dance to golden oldies, you ride on a balloon… You make pots, you make plans, children, you write together, you dance. Also, you can paint together, you become inspired together, you travel and dream, buy each other presents and make out in public places, it’s not stagnant at all, love is movement.


Jealousy is a proof of love.

Yes, when you are 18. No, if you have the self-confidence of a grown up woman and you know that in the world there are thousands of kinds of love, but yours is unique! Not if you share the same flame as your best friend. Not if you are capable of loving more than one at the same time…


Being heartbroken is the worst feeling of all

Trust me, depression is worse. It’s no feeling at all. I always like to say “what does heartbroken mean?” The heart is a flexible muscle. You will always find a way to console. If heartbroken, you will get rich and you will recover on your 14-carat yacht. You will go to SPA and meet sexy people there. If your man is fucking someone else, you shouldn’t freak out. In fact – go to someone else you love, fuck as well. With time you will prepare to love in such a way, that people will not be able to hurt you, even if you are completely ignored.


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  1. Such astute introspection into relationships! Bravo! Yes, true love is fuel for living, feeding the soul. It mellows with time though, when you get past the infatuation stage. It may not then provide you with boundless energy, but it will give you warmth, security, comfort. But sometimes, that is not enough. I must admit that sexual arousal, for this male, also gives me a testosterone-fuelled energy for life. I like your line that “bodies disappear when you have sex with the person you love” and that they are only “temporary instruments of the soul”. Oh my, that is good … and so true!

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