The One Thing No One Tells You About Talking Dirty

dirty talking

Men and women are much alike in being fond of dirty talking under the corresponding circumstances. But what nobody tells you is that you can talk hard, even if you are not using a single indecent word. You can talk hard through hints and mysterious lines. Everything around you is sexy and can be employed in your excited talk: the birds and the bees, the flowers, the vegetables with phallic shape, simply everything.

To Tease In A Subtle Way

Play songs such as: “My bed is too big, too big without you!” “I need a hero” and “Gimme, gimme, gimme your love after midnight…” That should get you in the mood for exchanging sexual energy. It’s heavily romantic like kissing in a pool under the rain.

Then proceed with the inklings. Give the girl the impression that you are going to pelt her bottom with a rose flower. Throw a peach gently in the conversation – as if you are snacking on a peach and have stained yourself with the juicy fruit. Note how her pupils grow wider and she admits she envies the peach. You tell her that the peach has been eaten; she thinks you are a French Love master. Then she asks you if you are excited, you deny everything, and the next time she sends you a flower, you honestly admit: “why do you keep sending me phallic symbols.?” Break her with laughter. Tell her if she does not cancel what she’s currently doing, you are going to fuck her. See the blessings in her eyes…

Dirty Talking Evolving Till Climax

Tell her exactly what you are going to do to her. Then describe in details what you are doing to her. After the culmination, you have to tell her what you’ve done to her. Women are like this – you have to repeat, they never get it from the first time. “I am going to crack your cherry…” then notice how she drools and swallows…Yes, you can open her legs with a few kind words…Especially if you verbalize your fantasy with her during making out. She will whine that she adores you, while you stimulate her verbally communicating your hidden intentions…Talk hard until she gives in.

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