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11 Common Misconceptions About Love

It has to be requited. Noooo, it can be just as good as a solitary experience, in some cases even…

the spark
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The Spark: Falling Into Him

But how does one fall in love? What does falling into him mean? It’s called “a spark.” You cannot write…

sea romance
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Dreaming Of An All Inclusive Sea Romance

Summertime Sea Romance It’s that time of the year – you have to grab a straw hat and wear sunscreen,…

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Lady F’s Impediments In Writing

Writing is hard. To an aspiring writer, it is even strenuous.  Here are just some of the tribulations Lady F…

dirty talking
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The One Thing No One Tells You About Talking Dirty

Men and women are much alike in being fond of dirty talking under the corresponding circumstances. But what nobody tells…

Problems with Conflict
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Problems with Conflict

Why beginner writers have problems with conflict? For some peculiar reasons, readers usually choose a world full of mysteries to…