Where To Make Out?

Make out on the beach, while people are passing by, she wouldn’t mind if you place your finger underneath her swimsuit and, well…surprise her…

But first, of course, you have to ask for permission.

Do this without asking on a desolated, enchanting beach, with warm sand and blue waves. Zakynthos. Until she is no longer able to resist. Let her repeat your name in your ear, while you tell her, that you haven’t done anything to make her feel this way. In fact, pretend to do nothing when you make out with her. Be a tease. Prepare an excited fresh drink for your summer morning.

Get used to removing her panties under her skirt. In dark corners of cafes, in calm parks, in the theater, where you will have to suffocate her sounds with your free hand. While you are traveling first class. While everyone is pretending no one is looking.

While she is washing the dishes, stretch out your hand and deprive her of her lacy gown. Make a mess on the kitchen floor.

Never bathe single-handedly.

Fine dine in a hotel restaurant and make her crawl under the table.

Fuck her on the top of that Cadillac…

Kiss in Paris.

Make travel meaningful. No, you are not supposed to stroll around and mingle with other tourists, who crowd in the museums and photograph themselves with the sightseeing. Traveling sometimes means getting in the midst of such a jostle. No! You will have a drink in each affable intimate cafe, and you will make out till second base in the nook for hours. You will talk unspeakable stuff straight in your lover’s ears, and drink Sangria and Virgin Bloody Mary… and take making out to the next level. Now, the hotel room is only good for one thing.

Do it. No one regrets having had too much sex in their life.


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