How Does the Fashion Style Speak of a Lady’s Sexual Behavior?


The Lady in Red

Hardly any color gives a man more enthusiasm. It seems it affects, in the same way, the bulls in the Spanish Corrida. But why does the red excite us? In many countries including Russia the red represents beauty. There is the song about a million of scarlet roses bought by an enamored painter for his Beloved actress, who used to love flowers. The roses were spilled on the square in front of her window. The song tells us, that one who is seriously enamored can turn his life into flowers for you. Isn’t that lovely?

A Digression:

Red is the color of the root chakra Muladhara, which is located at the base of the spine – the energy center, which connects you to the physical and the environment. Balancing the root chakra creates a solid foundation for opening the other chakras.

A woman dressed in red is perceived as more provocative and sexually appealing. Folklore, mythology, and literature usually associate red with fertility. In the Roman Mythology, it is the color of Mars, the War God. In Ancient Egypt red was perceived as the color of life and bid victory.

Women have worn red lipstick since 10,000 B.C.

A woman in a red dress feels incredibly sensual and beautiful and she positively looks attractive. Her sexuality is at its peak, her red dress is an aphrodisiac destined for the hero of the night.

When a woman is wearing her red dress, you should know she has really tried hard to look appealing, so don’t forget to compliment her sensuality. Play the song Red Roses for a Blue Lady, to create a romantic atmosphere.

In foreplay with her, when the dress is off, you may touch her every sensitive place with a red rose, but only the blossom part. Try it on her cheek and neck, and neckline, and nipples, and her bare back, then repeat. Then, by all means raise her legs at the level of her shoulders! She is quite active sexually and changing of positions will be recommended. The lady in red is a vigorous, emotional and self-confident lover.

 Lady Glittery

Glitter all over her, this woman is really celebrating a special moment of her life. She is like a classical track among the popular music. She is rare and expressive, she shines and she is delightful. Her style is resurrecting the Roaring Twenties Party Wear. Other girls doll up with what she usually wears at their proms. This dressing style liberates her body. Sparkle makes you feel different. Keep calm and wear sequins like you are the coolest person in the room. By all means, wear glittering shoes.

What does a woman in glitter think? “I am the starlet, the cream of the crop, the star of the show.” Her dream is that her sequin dress will eventually fall apart into thousands of pieces with the advancement of the night.

Tell her she sparkles like a fairy. Slowly remove her jewelry – make it part of the foreplay. Kiss her a lot – never mind that she will leave traces of makeup upon your face. In fact, mess her up even more – take her to play paintball with you or tattoo your name upon her bottom with henna, to claim that this artistic girl is only yours. Don’t afraid to get your hands dirty with glitter – pull her hair out of the crown and press her against the wall.

The Bride

A transparent white veil and white lingerie. Sigh. Both innocent and provocative – your bride is ready to be ravished with desire. She communicates purity and promises delight without a word. The bride is white like the fence, which surrounds a safe home. She is a bride or a mourning 15th Century French Queen. If she waves her veil, that would be a sign of a cease-fire. Although if she was waving it at you – that wouldn’t stop you. It shouldn’t! Mind you! Wearing white does not mean she is conservative.

Innocence is not worth it if no one will take it. That’s what your veiled woman is thinking: I am only yours. You are the one for me.

Surprise her with every step of the love game. Do not let her relish in her innocence, do not stop until you make her talk dirty. You shall not stop until her soul submits completely to yours until she whispers: “I do!” In fact, bend the bride!

The Casual Dress

Well, this lady feels truly comfortable with herself – so much so that you can take her in the broad daylight. She’s the one who will make out in cafes and parks and the one who feels unusual no matter how she’s dressed. The flowers on her dress tell her a bit about her personality. Yellow roses mean friendship, you wear Forget-Me-Nots if you need to be remembered forever. Flowers are usually associated with romance and relationships – a bouquet is one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s day. They represent care, therefore this woman is nurturing and she surely is one of the gentlest people you can meet without your clothes. Whatever you do, don’t tie this freedom-loving creature. Try to French kiss her, no doubt her flowers will catch the dew.



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