How Do You Feel When The Person You Love Rejects You?


In order to be happy, you have to have someone to love, something to do and something to expect. When the person you love rejects you – this kills expectation and hope. Since hope is essential for human happiness – you can no longer feel happy. Till now, you have thought there is always a way for dreams to come true – now you learn there isn’t a way, and dreams don’t realize on any other plane that is not your imagination. No more light.


You are completely destroyed emotionally, and often physically as well. You cannot concentrate if your life depended on it. All you keep thinking is how everything went in such a wrong direction and whose fault it was. You are shocked and upset – suddenly all the love poetry with pathos you did not understand starts making sense.


At the end of the day, you have a lot of things to talk about and no one to talk to. This is called loneliness. Most people resolve it by grabbing a domestically produced beer and drowning the sorrow. You and a beer – it’s not exactly a love story, but it is a good option for lonely souls.


You stop feeling appreciated, or given the basic sympathy you need – sorely. This really is a tragedy. You are starved for connection with а special other. That’s a blow in self-confidence. You don’t like the way you look in the mirror.

However, you are not what you seem. You are a soul whose intentions are good, and nothing hurts a good soul like life with people who fail to understand it. Breaking up is a great, great misunderstanding. Even in a relationship, your partner may not experience what you really are. But know you are something else! You just need to learn to stand away from people, who make you feel you are difficult to love.


You have traveled through the madness of love, to find yourself. Now you no longer belong. It is not your fault, it still hurts like hell.

Yes, the worst feeling in the world is feeling unwanted, by the one you want the most

Usually, they don’t give a shit.



Surround yourself with pleasant, beautiful people – who are friendly, happy and outgoing. Ignore the people who are ready to bitch about anything – be it heat, cold, sunshine, or growing old. Forget about people who don’t like chocolate. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


Try a creative hobby, such as:


If you have an inclination to Painting, do take an online course in Art. Then, by all means, complete one of these fabulous 30-days art challenges on Pinterest. They feature simple tasks such as drawing somebody you like or your favorite food. By the end of the month, you will dispose of 30 great artworks, on which to write your name.


Sneak around his house at night and paint it all over with Revival Graffiti. Because Art changes people…so maybe he will be influenced by your artistic, soul-felt mural, and maybe he will want you back…


Knit socks for your next boyfriend. The needles have their own rhythm…

The yarn is so pretty. Knitting is a ritual, an addiction, an indulgence for women, and it will make you feel like a Yarn Goddess.

All you knit is Love.


Explain yourself, and indulge in self-pity. Love is that madness that makes you wish to never find reason again. Express yourself vividly and imaginatively, indulge in your talents. Cry and write. When romance is in the air – persuasive writing is simple. Yes, let your mind misbehave! Write! Cry a river and write!


Instead of whining at home, go photograph your friends’ weddings. Try to capture the happiness in their faces. Photograph the crystal glasses with inscriptions Jack and Kate, the cake and the candles, the kids’ table, the first kiss, the man’s expectation at the altar. You will soak in happiness, like in a warm tub, or a biscuit in a cup of coffee.


Get out! When you can’t connect with a human, connect with Mother Nature. Gardening revives hope because it means believing in tomorrow. We think we are nurturing our gardens, while in most cases it’s the other way round. We are nurtured by nature. In the silence of growing plants one may forgive and forget. We come from the Earth; to Earth, we return, and meanwhile, we garden.


Because you will love it! Because souls know how to dance!

Recovery Mindset:

If your neighbor refused to choose you, you should choose yourself. Your self-attitude is very important for handling such situations. Pamper yourself with food and drink, presents and festivities and fucking cool people.

Get ready for new blessings to come your way.

Be happy for the present moment. For no reason: because the reason may always be taken away from you. You are blessed because you are romantic and that leads to adventures.

When the Person You Love Rejects You

Know that you are strong and capable of many things.

You are positive, you expect joy, you serve with compassion, you speak kind words and see the good in the others. You can do hard things!

Life is good. God is great. Be grateful!



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