What Breasts Do Men Like?

There are two words essential to the feminine self-esteem:

No gravity!

Your breasts should not be at all interested in this natural force. When you pull the bra off – they do not fall and spill upon your belly. On the contrary – they stay soft and ripe and shaped as heavy fruit. When you cup them from underneath they fill your palm with heavy, heavenly delight. The skin is incredibly soft and the feeling is that they are your most precious belongings. And if we didn’t wear clothes – our nipples are so sensitive, that they will show a lot when we go out. Probably the sexiest view in the world is rain on the bosom of a gifted, braless woman.


Men are boob lovers.


They simply like boobs – a lot.

Well, if they have choice – they like bigger ones. Most of the time, they do not mind if the lady is fluffier as long as her breasts are heavier.

And if they have a chance, they have fantasies for breasts not too big, not too small, full and firm, lots to hold – tanned – mocha color.

What do perfect breasts look like?

It’s a distracting question. When seeing any kind of beauty the eyes of men are seduced into the act of seeking imperfection where often there is none. So, men can’t take their eyes away. Breasts also promise warmth, softness and comfort, and from head-to-toe help draw the perfect sigmoidal S-shape that draws us in…..

The nipples can be pink and brown and anything else in between. Sometimes shape is more important than size. Soft nipples – the pointier, the sexier – not only draw the eye, they signal so much more: mood, comfort, arousal…

So, what do perfect breasts look like?

Something like yours! – they sigh in recognition, admitting everything.

Lovely breasts speak of well-developed heart chakra. But even most important is that:

Women’s breasts are erogenous zones.

Men know this. Which is why, they love to knead your breasts. I have had at least two lovers, who loved to place their hands in my neckline and play with my breasts as we were strolling the streets, with heaven on our minds.

Nipples get sucked, licked and bitten.
Men fondle them, kiss them and caress them.
They grab them and they love them hanging like Christmas ornaments upon their faces.
With experienced lovers – attention to your boobs alternates with attending your other erogenous zones.

How important are breasts in a sexual act?

Well, if you are flat chested, you will have to have other commodities. Smear the place where your breasts have to be with whipped cream, and place two strawberries for nipples – as long as you have enough water for washing afterwards.

And after a night of sucking, kneading, licking and insane, intense arousal, treat your lover what he deserves! Write his name with henna on your boobs.


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  1. How you so perfectly say these things so confident ?
    by your personal experience?
    what are your valid sources to measure men with ladies breasts 😉

      1. But still you cant be 100% a man right?

        1. Author

          Which is why my notions cannot be 100% valid…

  2. Written by a woman who thinks men want larger boobs. . Larger breasts are nice but more than a handful is a waste. Firmness and proportion to her body are serious factors of relevance. For the most part men see bosoms as decorations and what men ever complained that a woman didn’t put up enough decorations in the holiday season.

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