The Magic To Be A Woman


Why are we “the fair sex?”

The Woman is an archetype.

She symbolizes everything that is holy, and good and regal, and brilliant.

She is also wanton, deliberate and promises mischief.

As Byron put it, and Byron knew well about women:

“And all the best of dark and bright,
meets in her aspects and her eyes.”


We have inherited the ancient Goddesses. We bear their legacy in our souls. They all have kissed us and bestowed some divine qualities upon us.

Aphrodite, the beautiful, fertile patron of Love and Beauty, whose symbols were the dove, pomegranate, swan, and myrtle. Sublime in her passions, with most desired looks she made any man fall in love with her immediately. Aphrodite smelling of herbs and donuts, her amber curls straggling on the pillow of her Beloved, fragrant for a kiss. She is the Goddess, whose touch was perfection, and whose birth was innocent. Honored as most ancient of the Goddesses, the one, who took the Golden Apple, Aphrodite is an inspiration, a dream, a cult and her kisses are heaven. Her aspects Venus, Freya, Astarte, Ishtar all possessed unrivaled femininity, all of them were a little fickle and were glorified by the ancient people as symbols of Love and Fertility and they were mostly depicted in the nude.


Fortune is female after all, and she’s been kind to the most glorious, those born under a lucky star. She is fickle, probably the most feminine of qualities, La donna e mobile. But she bestows her grace upon the enamored – feeding their hearts with the most delicate of emotions.


Cleopatra. She was not a dazzling beauty, but she was one of the most seductive women in antiquity. She had such a gentle presence with a sonorous timbre, and she knew how to make an appearance. Softly spoken, the moment she opened her honeyed mouth, she made Caesar fell madly in love with her. She was eloquent like a swan: she used sex for power and for pleasure. She bathed in donkey’s milk, rumor has it she made 100 men climax in one night only, and she did this because she was the celebrated Queen of Egypt, who was not defied even by the impending danger of death.


Scheherazade – we all know the fairest tale of the bride who was so eloquent, that her cruel husband was not able to kill her. He was so fascinated with her tales, that he let her live, till the next morrow, in order to learn the end of the story. But she got extremely many stories up her sleeves, and her sweet voice turned the cruel dictator into an enamored dove. 1001 nights we live with her enchanted by her eloquence.


Sarah Bernard, the legendary French, dramatic actress, the child of a courtesan, was called Don Juan in a skirt. Oscar Wilde gave her the nickname of “Divine Sarah.” In her life, she’s had more than 1000 of lovers, many of them artists and writers. “To get rich” – she noticed – “you have to spend yourself.” Her eccentricity made her sleep in an especially designed for her pink coffin, with the letters of her faithful fans pasted upon it.


Some women will break your heart. Probably the best representative of such behavior is the “Fatal woman” Mae West. She’s famous for being sexually active after her 80s, and her name has become synonymous with the “Vamp woman.” In her memoirs, she writes of a sexual encounter with a man, which lasted without interruption for 15 hours. Says Mae West: “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better. ”


Welcome to the candy shop. Every woman is mischief, when you take her to bed. There begin the declarations of love and desire, the innermost cravings, which make women irresistible to men. Love, without prejudices, everything started like an innocent flirt…now you are her dream. Probably the trickiest thing about women is that they can make men feel divine. As James Brown put it: This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl…

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