How To Express Your Sexual Interest

The peacock opens its tale and performs a romantic dance to enchant his future lover. But how to express your feelings when you are a human?

What do men do?

In different traditions, they do different things.

In Cairo, a man will promise to your father a lot of camels, two jeeps and he will gladly open his wallet for you to discover how much money are at his disposal. Smarter men in Cairo – the Egyptian engineers will bring you a differently colored flower every day and they will say you resemble the flower in purity if it’s white, or in cheerfulness if it is yellow. They will also send music to you and tell you it resembles your sweet voice.

Guys from Mumbai will not express their sexual interest explicitly. A couple of days pass, before they ask you out, and then they ask for a kiss and let things unfold naturally.

A businessman from New Zealand will start with the eye-contact and then proceed with the small talk. He talks until he discovers common interests. Then he moves to an embrace.

American guys from Greek origin will take you to the candy shop. They will get drunk with you and dance with you and whirl you around like the God of Dance, and show off how cocky they are on any occasion…

An Indian who lives in Dubai and has got a small business there will tell you that everything is in the vibe. It makes one expressive, it makes one speak his mind, a little touch is added here and there, if they are in a club. Or simply teasing – standing near without touch…oh how we love teasing!

An intelligent, retired man in the restaurant business from Atlanta, Georgia says he does not hit on women. Through conversation comes the mutual liking, sometimes it is a quick connection sometimes it is not,

All around the world guys give flowers, presents, and the greatest generosity – attention. They take you to concerts or just watch “Friends” with you for hours. They feel they need to protect you and entertain you. To them you are a princess; you can easily make them your knights, with all the chivalric virtues…

A passionate lad from the aulden days, will ask you to live with him and be his love.

And I will make thee beds of Roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of Myrtle;

It’s easy to find out you are the only thing on his mind.

But how to express your sexual interest if you are a woman?

She sends to you her pubic hair in an envelope.

Ok, that’s a joke. Done only once in history and by Mrs. Caroline Lamb, who we all admire – for she is the stalker, whose level we will never reach!

But the courting of women is also not as gracious as the peacock’s one.

They look like Bridget Jones, in her Playboy bunny attire on the preacher-and-nun themed party.

She sends to you an ice-cream cake when she feels she has insulted you. She doesn’t know that you are allergic to sweets.

She passes near you and she brushes herself against your form, but so gently you cannot reproach her for this. You cannot feel overwhelmed by it either.

She makes eye-contact and smiles at you in the mirror. She smiles at the very thought of you. But you will never know. Since she doesn’t know how to express herself when she is around you.

When you snap with your finger, she comes running. But she trips up on the way and prostrates at your feet in all her glory.

She creates a secret blog to admit she doesn’t know how to express her secret crush on you. Everybody reads her secret blog and thinks that’s freaky.

She sends you pictures from heavenly places of the world, and on the pictures is written that her love for you is so big that it has reached heaven. You don’t believe her.

She is ready to bear as many children as you want. You thank her for the generous proposal.

А business lady from Bulgaria admits that she looks at the man a lot. She looks him in the eyes, a lot, and if he pays attention to her, she starts joking and teasing but lets him lead the game.

Truth is women feel much more comfortable, when it comes to how to express their affection, when they are already in a relationship. That’s easy. They are more cuddly and fond of everything you do, when you give them the positive self-image they need. A woman without a relationship rarely has self-confidence, and if she does, she is one of the invincible people, who are simply happy without a reason.


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