What Do Women In The Big City Want?

Sweet destiny…

Have you seen “Sex and the City”? Isn’t it all about sex in the city…garnished with independence, friendship, self-esteem, sense of humor and a fine and true romance.

There was a joke: a woman enters a shop, and the shop assistant asks her:

  • What would the lady like?
  • Oh, – says she – She would like a bottle of wine, a good man, a chocolate cake, a beautiful book, regular sex…but I have come to buy some bread.

So bread is essential.

What does a woman find in the big city on any plane…

I have observations from living in Chicago – a lot of fascinating things happened to me there.

I photographed myself with a street sign “For Sale.”

I was able to wash and dry, and sort my one-week laundry for less than half an hour.

The neat, small houses had neat, small gardens with swans and stones and dwarves, they looked as if they have come out from a fairy tale.

The squirrels were the bravest residents of the city – ready to jump at you if you keep looking at them, for longer, entering their personal space.

People walked around in their pajamas.

One finds furniture in the street. When one needs to buy a cabinet, one gets in the car, drives to the nearest department store, buys the first cabinet in their sight and then returns home. The most challenging part of the operation is having to park the car – twice.

People in the street used to talk to me: “Hey, hi, you are so pretty, may I have your phone number please, have a nice day.” They looked at me in the eyes.

When you look for a job, all you have to do is trot around the city and ask people: do you need help with that.

You can actually walk around the store nibbling on stuff.

When you are a waitress people treat you kind. They grow attached to you. They leave you 20-dollar tip for a coffee, which normally costs one dollar.

There is a street especially for gay people.

Bagel with Philadelphia is so damn nice.

I fell in love with the sweetshop owner’s son. His name was Louie.

I fell in love with the sweetshop owner’s other son. His name was Angelo.

Sweet Destiny

Louie was blond, fabulous and blue-eyed.

Angelo was ember, kind and sexy in a peculiar way.

Louie took me out with his red Ferrari – his summer car. He treated me confectionary and we made out in the car.

Angelo spent the day with me helping me to wash the dishes and bringing stuff from the storage room downstairs.

It was wonderful, but one day Louie did not come to our date. I wore a white dress and at the window, I spent the time listening to Ani Difranco’s song “Untouchable Face” 43 times.

Then I met a photographer, who wanted to make photos of me…so we did…

The visitors of the café fell in love with me. When I had to return to Bulgaria – they cried.

I volunteered to wash all the windows.

I got really tipsy.

I bought myself expensive cosmetics.

I tried to read the papers, they left at my door every morning.

There were announcements of castings around the city. The first time my friends took me to a casting – it turned out that it happened last month. The second time – it turned out to be in the same street of another city.

I saw Picasso and Monet in original.

I was attacked by a ghost and went to the library to find a prayer to banish it.

A terrible brochure of a slaughterhouse made me become a vegetarian for the first time.

And that’s not all.

So what do women want from big cities?

What goes around comes around

Sweet destiny…


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