Men In The Eyes Of A Ripe Woman

One of my boyfriends once told me, that “after 30, a person is beyond self-confidence.”

However, it took personal experience in order to grasp the meaning of “beyond self-confidence.” Maturity came into my life and brought the spiritual gift of the Don’t Minder.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means Absolut balance. Incredible comfort with oneself. No drama issues, insecurities, no shame, no guilt, no complexes, no complications –  a woman of 34 is almost enlightened.

So how does she perceive men?

Few men are relationship material. If a woman in her thirties is itching for you, that may only raise your self-esteem. For women of this age are experienced with relationships – they have had plenty of attention from all kinds of guys. A ripe woman knows the tender sentiments of friendship and the unrivaled passions of adolescence.

Women of this age are Fairy Queens – they pick men, and turn them into Princes, by focusing on them and nourishing their soul.

When he is bitching about something, she purrs and smiles. He loves popcorn and football – she loves popcorn and football. He is attached to his old T-Shirt – she is attached to his old T-Shirt. She knows how his kisses taste, she also knows how his sweat tastes. She is brave in her emotions, she is invincible to regrets. She knows when to give in, and when she has to play just for his pleasure. She is happy by his attention and she shows so generously. She is the only gem you will ever need – the brightest jewel in your crown. She can sweeten your bitterness. She simply knows what she’s doing, the entire time.

If I have to compare this to the girl in her twenties – she is needy, pitiful at self-expression, totally governable, easily manipulated, and followed around by men, who still have something to prove to themselves. Even if she has potential, she cannot be very smart, for she is merely inexperienced. She doesn’t know what to do, and men delight in that because they need to be in charge of the relationship.

Women in their thirties and women in their twenties are different species.

When a ripe woman focuses on a man – in a short time he is game… to such extent that he may find her dangerous. The women of thirty have simply experienced more upbringing – life has taught them well. She knows how. She is creative. She is cheerful, even if you try to reduce her to tears, she knows her emotionality and knows how to treat herself to not fall into the abyss of doubt and self-pity.

The men for these women are heroes (fresh from the fight) – they smell of battle and of sex. They have to be ten times smarter than them in order to catch their attention – painfully smart. They are unusual, spiritual and fond of themselves. They are genuinely interested in her – in fact – she is every second, feverish thought on their minds.


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  1. Hi this was very amusing to read “lady f”, thank you!

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