What Guarantees A Happy Marriage

  • At least one of the people in the marriage relationship needs to be spiritually grown.

The wife of Socrates has remained in history as a synonym of a cantankerous, mean and stupid woman. He married her because to him the moral development was the most important human tasks – so this is how he had chosen to grow.

Complete trust should blend you with each other

You should not be afraid to reveal the most delicate and soft spots of your soul to your consort, and that is something created with great trust. Do not wonder I use the divine word consort, for marriage is one of the sacraments. You have to see your consort, the way you saw the world when you were born, and only joy resided in your world. Never expect him or her to hurt you knowingly, and strive to reciprocate.

Everything is for you.

Give up on your ego – in a couple, the happiest person is on the giving end. Your consort is your soul’s playground and the aim is to be devoted and make this person beyond happy. When you do not expect and do not take things for granted, this keeps you in an eternal surprise, which is great for sex. When you get angry, count to ten. Every time you feel rotten, think about him and try to console him, give him the dearest presents, your best-beloved belongings.  Leave nothing for yourself, give everything to Love.

Be romantic.

Share the same toothpaste and the same bonbon. Kiss often and readily and talk smut, when you have erupted. Touch her with a rose. Melt her heart.

Do not manipulate.

This is done by smart but fearful people. Forget the need to feel in control. Instead of this – dominate. Bring the person deliberately to their happiness, in such a way that he can’t resist.

Climb the hills together, and have many wonderful days with each other.

This has to do with family problem solving – when you work together on an issue, that makes you feel good about your relationship. It’s the essence of partnership.

Accept and love yourself…do not be needy – waiting on the other person to always lift up your self-confidence.

While there is nothing wrong with this – you become dependent…and the spirit of independence is needed in a relationship. You have to grow fond of yourself, that’s one of your life’s greatest tasks, and you don’t want to rely even on your consort for your self-estimation.

When it really gets dark – call his name.

He will lift you and wipe the dust from you. This is true romance.

Respect each other’s viewpoints and talents.

Support each other, but do not force your opinion on her creative tasks. Celebrate each other’s uniqueness

Discover yourself in the relationship.

There is no exact recipe, for perfect family relationship – except to accept its imperfections with admiration, for they fill your life with the bliss of love, compassion, forgiveness, devotion, passion and delight.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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