Why Do Women Love Bad Guys

Women prefer men who are dominant.

These sorts of men know the rules only to break them. They are fabulous, exciting and invincible. More to that: they are unexpected, dashing and a little crazy. They are hard to get. When women get them, they feel like princesses, who have tamed the stud. Women are up to anything with bad guys.

Bad guys are the most popular guys in high school.

They break women from sex.  Meanwhile, they poison them with life. They are wild, unpredictable and enchanting; there is fair magic about them and an air of childishness – since all children are in their essence little tyrants. Women want to submit to bad guys and become brought to the bottom of their sexual most honest cravings, and then up to the glittering stars of orgasm.

Women fall for bad boys, because they like to feel “good” about themselves.

They have got motherly instincts and the bad boys are in such a need of a mother figure. Bad guys’ attitude is sincere and variable, depending on their true nature and the irritants in the environment. Normal men want to protect women, but they do not need to be protected, they need to be challenged. Bad guys arouse such passions in women that it is almost dangerous. A bad guy is one who will literary faint with jealousy when a woman he loves is dancing with somebody else on the ball. They do not observe regulations. If pets like dogs, cats, birds are not allowed, the bad guy can tie a bear at his door. Bad guys stay in history and they know how to delight in life.

Good guys do not dare to be bad…it’s a form of art and it is not for everybody.

At some point, women are reduced to tears from the bad guys’ incredible emotionality, which they do not reveal so readily. When she calls him a masher, she does so with excitement, almost capitulating. Bad guys make the women feel like they are conquered fortresses. They are dark princes, they drink and dance, and swear and compliment, they are full of life and their soul is tempestuous.

Bad guys are like good coffee…



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