Why Do We Need In-Love Sex?

Why In-Love Sex Rules?

Physical Reasons

It satiates your appetite; you are craving for more hugs and cooling activities, not for food or drinks. In love sex makes your skin glow and your body blossom. You smell of bourbon vanilla, or what he has drunk yesterday from your body. Your body is turned on – fully energized and toned and your heart is cordial, delighting in every beat. If you keep having sex for a couple of days, you will lose a lot of weight. You tap into an alternative reality, where you meet the best version of you and it is shaking from pleasure. That smile is never going to descend your face.

Your body responds with every caress, and pleasure is felt from every cell. Ask him to touch you in the place, you have never been touched – such as your nails, or the tips of your hair, and note the electrifying reaction of both.

Your bodies sway and melt in one form, it’s the weakest and the strongest moment of you both.

Emotional Reasons

You are self-confident, beyond the imaginable. Besides, you have the sense of  achievement, like Cleopatra, who had satisfied 100 men in a single night – now how does that feel! You feel beautiful, desired, and sublime and he is very content and happy, because you excel in dirty talk, and other indulgences. Lovemaking is beautifully described in the Songs of Songs: “Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green.”

In Love Sex and Senses

Sex sharpens all perceptions; you become one with the world. It is as spiritual activity as meditation. Some people’s mood needs a sexual release on a daily basis. They are considered to be hypersexual, and some of them are intensely romantic as well – as Lord Byron, or Casanova, or Sarah Bernard. Byron was lame, but athletic and swam the Hellespont, but before and after he did that – he enjoyed a woman – and that is a gossip that has been around for centuries.

Having in-love sex does not make you alleviated – like a normal intercourse. It makes you feel powerful and celebrated. Add to that, you finally know what you want from life.


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