Magickal Betrothal


Magickal Betrothal is my first role-play ever, and it comes with a story.

I used to be an eager subscriber of Elliquiy – the website for adult roleplaying – Magickal Betrothal was my first game there, and it holds a special place in my heart.

On this website, I started this game with a man from Italia, called Daedalus, probably on my first day. I  knew nothing about role-playing. We started the story in a fantasy world. I proposed my character to be based on Mary Poppins, and he proposed his character to be a vampire. I foretasted the pleasure that could arise from clashing those two archetypes.

It soon turned out

that I and Daedalus  simply distasted each other. With my first paragraph, I allowed myself to name his character with a French name: Andre Tremblay. He was completely bemused, then he told me that this is simply intolerable, and Andre Tremblay will be his butler, while his character should be named Karias Sanshauder. He did not discuss it with me one bit –  he expected my April Evanston to fall in love with his Karias Sanshauder.

The Empire stroke back

April herself went that she hated her fiancee’s name and found the name of the butler much more melodious. “Karias” – said she – “who in the whole world would name their kid Karias…” Then his character was watching my character arrive in his mansion through the window. His curiosity was satiated fast – “she didn’t amount to much.” She was simply frustrated that he didn’t welcome her personally and was bitching that she would not give herself into a man of no manners,

trust her on this.

He did not appear to dinner leaving her even more frustrated. On the next day, however, was a new day… she went to the forest to gather some herbs and it was raining cats and dogs. Princely, Karias followed her in the storm and proposed a mantle for her and her maid.

And the snow started melting.

It was absolutely unexplainable but my character started to like his character, a little, then a lot. All he ever was doing was work on documents –and she found a way to fall for him, like a teenage girl. A reader could not understand why April was so fond of this very reclusive and busy man. But she had resolved for a romance, so she kept on being very, very dependent on his attention.

Then at some point… we reached the sexual part of our adult game. It turned out that he is a monster, who doesn’t like to be a monster – what a repulsive combination – a monster with no self-esteem, and this is how he acted in bed, basically he scared her, slobbered her and almost screwed her – and his human part had to “apologize” for what happened and ask her to leave.

At this point, I was discussing the work with a friend of mine, who laughed a lot at the “love making” scene described above. Your character – he said – has no motivation whatsoever. I don’t think she has got a reason to throw herself at him so much – after all, they have not passed through anything together. Their relationship has not evolved at all. You have not built the momentum for the love scene.

I discussed this with Daedalus and he said that it is right. We decided to return back to the beginning and start to create a meaningful relationship between our two characters. We planned a story and stuck to the plan.

But then…

Then one day Daedalus said that he is busy and cannot finish the game with me. Do as you please with it – he said….and left me to decide the fate of Karias and April….

Fortunately, I discussed Magickal Betrothal with another friend and he gave me wonderful ideas. It’s a lot of work but there are chances that this would be the best thing I have written. I only wonder should my character name be Karias. What do you think?



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