The Imperfect Romance

love is

All the love booklets are about the perfect romance. Everything is dramatic, excellent and wildly beautiful. We have heard about the love that is patient and kind. We know that lovers perform at their best and the most talented of us strive to be proficient in the field of romance.  Love is beyond everything. Oh, we know!

Love is…

Love is cheesy.

What if the true romance was something else? Romance is not only how you praise things lovely, but also how you as a couple handle things disgusting to both of you.

What if it was something like this:

When your feet are odorous, she brings to you African herbs to fumigate them, so that they may smell nice.

When she complains that during the night, the toilet seat is cold, you place your clean white socks on the edge of the toilet – so that she may feel comfy.

You joke the entire time hating everything she does, but you love her profoundly.

Both of you look at the mess of your life and scratch your heads, then you start searching for the solutions of your problem together.

You wash half the dishes, and then he approaches from behind and says: let me wash the other half.

What if he utters words that make you freeze, only to melt you in his warm hug seconds after that?

What if he wakes up with the sentence: “Goodness, what an adorable pimple you have on your nose! It’s like a second nose!”

What if she receives facial ticks from excitement when she looks at you?

What if he is the power, that means ill, but only does good?

What if she has bought herself the ugliest shoes in the world and boasts to you, and you only genuinely smile and look to the side?

What if he slobbers his T-shirt and you tell him to not worry because this is a variation of modern art?

How about the way he pretends he does not remember your birthday…but he surprises you with a red rose every day?

How about when she types better when she arranges business relations and totally cannot type in your presence?

How about when you break something digitally, and he stays with you just to comfort you with his presence, without being able to help with anything?

And when you need him, he dies from pleasure…

How about when he uses in the love act the two words that smash you with excitement: “narrative,” and “algorithm.”

How about when he admits he is not the best lover in the world, and you murmur – “I am not sure!”

What if you fight only for the great sex afterward?

The Imperfect Romance is challenging, beautiful, sizzling with magic, fueled by sparks and true love…The perfect romance is dead. And we shall not die of grief! Long live the imperfect romance!

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

1 thought on “The Imperfect Romance

  1. Some very funny, but very perceptive notions. Imperfection is the only real perfection there is, when it comes to love. But how can the words “narrative” and “algorithm” smash you with excitement while making love? Or are you just being cheeky about the lovemaking quirks of your imperfect lover?

    Very thoughtful, provocative and comforting piece. Thanks.

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